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  1. Lzzy11

    Song Titles A - Z (Minus Q,X,Z)

    Sick Individual
  2. Lzzy11

    Continue the Story Game

    The girl looks into his eyes. "Will you hurt me?', she asks. The vampire grabs her by the face gently. "No" The girl nods and together they walk down a mysterious alley.
  3. Lzzy11

    Count To 10,000

  4. Um..no. I don't think that's possible. Tell your grandma I think she's ok.
  5. Lzzy11

    *The Bump Thread*

  6. Lzzy11

    What could make this place even better?

    Nothing! I think it's great the way it is. I don't have much time to use it, but when I do it's a great experience! :)
  7. Lzzy11

    Fun with Onision

    I loved it sooo much!!!
  8. Lzzy11

    NEW Forum Member Category

    Thanks @Corronna Fly You're awesome!! :)
  9. Lzzy11

    Your opinion on social media in general.

    I think it depends on how you use it. If you use Twitter for example to spread hate..then I don't like it. But if you use social media in a mature way I'll enjoy it more. As for the future of YouTube..I hope it improves in some ways, but it isn't too bad.
  10. Lzzy11

    Made Some New Icons

    I think they look great!
  11. Lzzy11

    Eugenia Cooney could be getting help, finally!

    Best thing I heard in a while. :)
  12. Lzzy11

    What's Your Weather?

    Right now it’s COLD.
  13. Lzzy11

    Death Note

    Who is your favorite Death Note character. Mine is L. 🙂
  14. Lzzy11

    How Tall Are You?

    Like 5'2 ish.
  15. Lzzy11

    Favorite Place In The World?

    I haven't been anywhere that cool...so probably my house.

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