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  1. Sausage party......I thought it was a children's movie when I first saw it in free movies on Xfinity...let's just say...it's not. I am scarred for life.
  2. Very true. What the heck is with people..we're all just human...
  3. Lzzy11

    Which Song is better?

    Amen! I love that song. :) Next jams Jump the gun by Halestorm (I love that band too..they're soooo great) I was right by New Years Day :)
  4. I don't know..dolls maybe..I had a lot of favorite toys. I used to play with my brother when I was really little too..so yeah lots of cool toys! :)
  5. Probably..I'm a Banana..it's just very authentic. It's a YouTube Classic! :)
  6. Pretty much the same..but add Jenna Marbles and Liza Koshy. :)
  7. That's a great idea! :)
  8. Lzzy11


    That's amazing! Italy is so beautiful. Have fun. :)
  9. Hmm..seems very confusing. Hopefully it all works out. :)
  10.  Hello. This is Lzzy. I had this account a while back and haven't used it due to an issue that happened with another user. I'm glad to be back though and be around so many cool people. I will post more later or tomorrow! :)

    1. Anna


      So happy you're back on here Lzzy! 😏

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