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  1. Considering how much of a clutz I am..it’s a shocker I’ve never had a broken bone before. I have a lot of funny falling stories though. 😂
  2. To show someone that you care about them, I think one of the main things will be to listen to them. Make sure they never feel alone and that they feel loved. Even when they are at a rough point make sure that you’re there for them and help in any way possible (sometimes just listening can help). ❤️
  3. You tell em Anna! Banana Power! 💪
  4. I can quite literally say that’s officially my favorite gif in the universe.
  5. I agree with you with the hate video problem. I hate going through search results and having to see money starving drama channels spreading hate and lies. I’ve tried to reason with the “Anti Os” in the past, but they are incredibly stubborn, immature and just rude. But yeah, I’ve just been seeing a lot of crazy stuff in the search results and wanted to let Greg know that I’m still a supporter cause I saw some folks turning on him cause of that silly video from the other day. I liked the video..I thought it was funny. I feel lucky and strong to be an Onision supporter..I’m sure we all do. ☺️💪
  6. It's the one called something like "I lost a patron for this video". People are acting kinda mean about a joke you made, but I'm not gonna go crazy and rage over some silly joke. :)
  7. Hello, I just wanna tell you that I don’t think it’s right that people are attacking you over your video on the Onision channel. I understand that it was a joke and it wasn’t meant to upset people. The people turning on you and accusing you of harassment...it’s all just insane. You weren’t harassing that girl from Patreon. I saw it all..you were just talking about what happened..kinda like she did herself. There isn’t any harassment in my eyes and that claim likely wouldn’t stand in court. Sorry, my point just is that I hope you aren’t too upset about what’s happening. I love your channels and I appreciate what you do for your fans. I just have been seeing all the videos and stuff about this issue that in my opinion is being blown out of proportion. I’m sorry you have to deal with so much crazy stuff. I wish the best of luck to you and your family. 😊
  8. Lzzy11

    Keyboard lessons

    Thanks Greg! I'll try that. :)
  9. Pssst I love your profile picture! L is the best!! 😄

  10. Lzzy11

    Keyboard lessons

    Hi. I just have a random question. Does anyone know how I can learn how to play a keyboard without getting in person lessons? Like how to play songs and learn notes. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks. :)
  11. I would love to see another song. I love when you make music. But if you can't do that..then anything with your characters like Emo Charlie and Rod Danger will be great! 🙂
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