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  1. Chinese Strawberry Cake is my absolute favorite, not too sweet and light, airy with whipped cream. 🎂
  2. art water GIFaesthetic GIFdigital art glitch GIF by XCOPY ARTHey Sparkles! 

  3. Not sleeping =felix the cat vintage GIF by Tomas Brunsdontrippy GIF by Mirontrippy more life GIF by Sara Andreasson

  4. TwylaJane


    Burgundy, plum, teal, mustard yellow, fuschia, navy blue, black, khaki, brown
  5. One single shift in circumstance can change one’s life entirely.
  6. Wow it’s been raining so much in Cali lately, it’s great for the environment but unfortunately the infrastructure can’t handle it. Things flood, the roads turn to oil slicks. 

  7. This is so very sad, I’ve read so many good things about his charitable nature. I hope his daughter is able to find peace.
  8. I’m a pans●●ual female, I love my body and others. I’m married to a cisgendered male and he accepts me and my desires completely ☺️
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