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  1. RT @avereyshmaverey: This tweet got me pregnant https://t.co/Cie0Oobq4h

  2. RT @TinyGreenP: I just want someone to look at me the way my ex looked at everyone but me

  3. RT @RoseGAdams: The one that makes everyone laugh but goes home depressed every night https://t.co/dpBwrj4DpB

  4. RT @lesbimegan: How is it possible that I am so easy to love yet so easy to leave

  5. @saintofstars YOU GOT THISS

  6. RT @Amy13Rose: today really made me realize how important it is to get complete closure with another person. wowie, is my heart tired or wh…

  7. @saintofstars YOU GO

  8. @Onision after 10 minutes I normally get bored seeing a 20 or 30 min video makes me less likely to click on it

  9. RT @userdooms: When you said you’d get up at 9 and it’s 9:01 https://t.co/Lwl8FiCJ25

  10. RT @ubazxo: instagram somehow knows exactly who you want to have s●● with and they make their IG stories appear first. always

  11. RT @kenndoubleb: @Lowes needs to put me in a commercial

  12. @kai92229432 i love black hair on you, im getting sick of my blonde i might be right behind you

  13. @kai92229432 DO IT

  14. @kai92229432 maybe whatever I read was wrong because the entire time I dated him I was like "oh this cant work we a… https://t.co/8X396H8AOG

  15. @kai92229432 *known

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