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  1. RT @sethisMusic: Hey Springfield [MO]
    Tickets to @Neilicorn on April 24th are on sale NOW! Get them here: https://t.co/1z0KlRmmt2 https://t…

  2. RT @lindsaydemeola: u ever wanna kiss someone so badly that u almost start crying

  3. I love when facebook says he's active but he ignores my call :(

  4. thor died the other day :( rip lil buddy https://t.co/7onOim2fWx

  5. @Onision It works !!

  6. RT @QueenAlienB: If we’re in a relationship, i am praying for you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am praying for your…

  7. Nat

    Do you like to sing?

    can I sing? no, but you better believe when mcr shuffles I'm singing loudly and terribly
  8. A news feed? Also a better notification system
  9. Nat

    Forum Suggestion box

    Not sure if this is in the right area, but feel free to post things you'd like to see here on onision.com ! Just wanted to make a place so we can keep all of the suggestions together, but keep in mine whether or not greg wants to add them will be up to him.
  10. Nat


    I'm a capricorn!
  11. Nat


    post things that reverse sadness here please (pure posts only)
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