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  1. Ok, fine. Just know that I really enjoyed watching Greg. His OnisionSpeaks videos really helped me in life. I'm just a 19 year old college student with a part time job. I can't afford Patreon right now..I don't even have a credit card and I don't think they'll accept my bank debit card. Anyways that's not the point. I just wanna let you know that your videos have made my life a lot better. Your advice has been inspirational..and Greg I'm gonna miss it. I have no idea why the hell you're doing this..but fine..whatever. It kinda pisses me off cause you were my favorite YouTuber. I am a bigger fan of Onision/Greg than I am of Emo Charlie. I hope you have a great life Greg. And remember..I'm still a fan of Greg/Onision...but I'm not a fan or supporter of this decision.
  2. Exactly! This website is literally Greg's own website..I think he'd be fine to be himself on here too..
  3. I wish I could be a patron...just have some money issues..ugh. It just really upsets me that after 10 years of Greg being on YouTube and doing what he loves he just throws it all away and gives into them. ☚ī¸
  4. Hi. So..I know this probably wont mean much, because I'm just one girl telling you her opinion, but I think you should know how I feel. I'm gonna be straight up, I miss Onision. I miss the REAL Onision, as in I miss Greg. Don't get me wrong, I love the Onision comedy sketches, but I love OnisionSpeaks and UhOhBro even more. I love watching Greg talk about his own opinions and his own thoughts. I like watching Emo Charlie, but when I say that I mean I like watching him in comedy sketches. I like watching Onision. I like Greg! I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings...but Greg has no idea how much he's helped me and I hate to see him pretend to be a full-time character when, in the beginning, that was never what he wanted. I know its not at all what he wants, because if it was then he wouldn't be still "Onision" on Patreon. I'm not going to pretend I like what Greg's doing to himself, because I don't. He never wanted to be a character...he wanted to be someone who shares his life online..someone who makes comedy sketches..someone who helps others...and now hes throwing it all away. And for what? Because people act like middle school bullies? Because the hate was driving him crazy? I understand that...but why let those people win. Well..if you read this, then thanks for letting me share my opinion. @Emo Charlie @Onision
  5. Happy Birthday! excited happy birthday GIF

  6. Anna


    I'm sorry if I'm confusing you...but on April 4th you gave me a warning for spam. Is there a reason why you did that?
  7. Hi. How are you?

  8. Hi Greg. So, I just signed back into my account for this forum. A lot of dumb drama happened a while back and I haven't used the forums since. I had some free time so I signed in. I noticed that on April 4th you gave me a warning for "spam". I wasn't using this website on April 4th and I haven't used it in a really long time due to drama I had with another user. I clicked on the link that was to a topic that was made in February...I'm not sure if thats the example you're giving..? But all I said was "Me too" with a laughing emoji on that topic. I'm really confused and concerned about this. Please get back to me and let me know whats going on. Thanks, Anna
  9. Why are you here? He never made the shooting in New Zealend about himself. He said that he donated to a gun violence organization and that he encourages everyone else to do the same. And he never "attacked" anyone on Twitter. Open YOUR eyes.
  10. Yeah! Lets all ignore hate and just be happy! â˜ēī¸
  11. That's really funny that your kid got scared. 😂
  12. You know you could leave right? Seriously...go. You are just spreading negativity and promoting suicide. No one's forcing you to be here.
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