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  1. Just some picture of Greg to brighten your night. He's so adorable! ☺️






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    1. Onision


      Wow thanks!

  2. Yeah thats true. They don't deserve kindness anymore. They ruined it for themselves. And I'd be shocked if they passed high school, at least. All kidding aside.
  3. I know. Did they even pass middle school? (Okay I know that sounds rude but they can't get simple definitions right!) 😂
  4. Me too! I'd throw them at them and then make them sit with the ice on their faces ,because I messed them up, and make them read all the definitions of the words they call Greg!
  5. I know! It drives me crazy!! I wish they would just get a dictionary, I'd buy it for them if I could. Lol
  6. I know!! How is Greg irrelevant when they literally get fame off his "irrelevant" name! He's not irrelevant! 😂
  7. True. They just want fame off Greg's name. Aw well, who could stop them right? I mean, besides the authorities. For slander and harassment, but of course they don't think thats possible because they're 100% innocent 100% of the time. *Sarcasm*
  8. Exactly! I think they are a bit obsessed with the underage thing. Not accusing anyone, just really weird. Just saying....
  9. Yeah. I'm not saying they're all pedophiles, but their behavior is extremely messed up and questionable.
  10. Well, the first ever video I saw of Greg's was "I'm a Banana", then I watched some more of his comedy sketches. A while later I discovered Speaks and UhOhBro and became a true Banana. ☺️
  11. Thank you! Thats exactly how I feel! They literally describe themselves when they think they're describing Greg and Kai. They act like pedos, being obsessed with "underage girls". And they are VERY toxic. Thats the truth!
  12. True. Telling someone to commit suicide isn't constructive or criticism, its promoting suicide. They're crazy.
  13. Exactly! They need to back off. It gets really old and annoying.
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