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  1. Yeah me too. I think that I let dumb drama get to me too much. I’m really kinda done with letting it get to me. You’re right. We should just focus on what matters. 🙂
  2. Anna

    4th of July

    Glad you talked to him. 🙂
  3. I watch Onision because of his honesty and his authenticity. I also watch his videos because of his sense of humor.
  4. Ranch dressing on BBQ potato chips. I know it sounds nasty but try it before you judge it! 😂
  5. Hi guys. So..I was just watching some of Greg’s Speaks and reading the comments on them. I regret reading the comments. I don’t know why reading all the bs is bothering me so much right now...but it is. I don’t understand why people have to tear someone else down to bring themselves joy. And just reading all of it makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how Greg does it. I can’t even imagine reading the stuff that those people say and having it be about me. It’s bad enough reading it about someone else. Anyway, I wish that people would just stop. I understand that everyone has “haters”...but this is much worse. This has gotten way out of hand now. It’s become just plain harassment and stalking. I genuinely do care about Greg and hate seeing people attacking him for no apparent reason. I just don’t get why people do the things they do. I mean, enough is enough. There has to come a time when people realize what they do is wrong. Why attack someone you don’t know on the internet? Y’know, I can see if Greg is was a proven criminal or just a bad person. But he’s NOT. There have been multiple times when he’s been investigated by the police, CPS, and Animal Control. So if he’s not a bad person then why hate on him so bad? What’d he ever do to any of those people? It’s so shocking to see some many toxic people. And why do they do it? For an evil sense of personal joy? To please there f●●●ed up egos? Why? WHY? What the hell do people get out of ruining someone’s life? It’s bulls●●●. I really don’t know why I’m so worked up right now. I see this stuff all the time. I don’t know, it just really bothers me sometimes. Also, Greg, if you’re reading this please don’t let all of it bother you too much. I mean, I know that you’re human just like the rest of us. And that reading the constant s●●● will bother anyone with human feelings. But none of them are worth it. You have to rise above the hate and above the lies. They want to tear you to pieces. But don’t let them get their way. The point is, try not to be too upset over it all. Live your life aside from the internet happily. And the life you have on the internet live happily too. Listen to the actual fans that you have. And the people in your life that love you. There’s a lot more to life than online internet hate. So if people want to live there lives as toxic villains, then that’s on them. Don’t let them get the best of you though. I hope you’re having a nice day. 😊
  6. This person seems kinda strange...she’s kinda all over the place...
  7. Are you joking or something? I’m really confused...
  8. If Greg said that you’re Patreon account says that it’s not deleted...then maybe it was a glitch? I don’t know. But you shouldn’t just leave, you should figure out if it’s a glitch or not. Don’t you think? Especially since you’re saying that you don’t dislike Greg?
  9. Anna


    I hope he's ok.
  10. Anna


    Hey Greg. I just watched your most recent Speaks from today. To be completely honest, I’m concerned. I was just wondering if you’re ok. Please give me the truth. It’s really alarming to see a video like that. Are you ok?
  11. Anna


    Hey Greg. I just watched your most recent Speaks from today. To be completely honest, I’m concerned. I was just wondering if you’re ok. Please give me the truth. It’s really alarming to see a video like that. Are you ok?
  12. It looks really cool! Nice job!
  13. Anna

    4th of July

    Thank you. I'm sorry about your kids though.
  14. Anna

    4th of July

    Thanks, Greg. :)
  15. Anna

    4th of July

    Happy 4th of July guys! I hope everyone has a good one. (If you’re from America you know what I’m talking about.) God bless America! 🥳🇺🇸
  16. Happy to see that you’re recovering!! I hope everything is better again soon. 🥰
  17. Don’t let negative people stress you out. Just keep being you and proving all those haters wrong! 😄
  18. I watched some of them. Some people seem reasonable to deal with and some seem completely nutso.
  19. I think she’s a creepy troublemaker. That’s about it...
  20. Well, I like the forum the way it is, but it’s nice to make some changes once in a while. And it’s also nice to have a few specific purposes. Nice job with the updates, Greg! 🙂
  21. I’m sorry that happened to you! Good luck with your surgery and get better soon! ❤️
  22. I love your content and your work. It’s entertaining and fun. Thanks for all you do. 😊
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