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  1. I think The Banana Song and The Anti Onision Song made me laugh the hardest. :)
  2. Anna


    Well..could you fix it...?
  3. Anna


    Also, it says that I spammed you in the topic "Videos I'm no longer doing"...
  4. First of all, Greg doesn't do drugs..or even drink alcohol. What are you even talking about?? And did you not understand that song at all? Seriously, what did anything Greg say have to do with anything you said. I'm COMPLETELY lost.
  5. Well when I first came across that song in March I was very alarmed. I think that if anybody writes a song like that its automatically a warning sign.
  6. Well communism is basically where the government controls you. And if you wanna give someone the death penalty if they get an abortion then that seems like communism to me because they're telling you what you can and cannot do with your own body.
  7. Anna

    Favorite Song by Onision

    I'm a Banana (just cause its f●●●ing awesome) Anti Onision Song (cause its true and funny) I'll Never stop loving you/ You're beautiful (cause the lyrics are pure and beautiful)
  8. I think it seems like communism. We aren't a communist county.
  9. Listening to music and singing.
  10. Anna

    9 Years

    I'm so sorry that this had to happen. I hope one day you can recover. I guess its not that easy though. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. ☹️
  11. Yes. Singing helps me in a lot of ways.
  12. Well I'd probably do the first option. Tell him what a piece of S●●● he is. In fact I'd tell everyone that he had friended on facebook what a piece of S●●● he is. Well i mean, maybe. If it was as bad as you're saying then I would. Honestly, thats really f●●●ed up. Hope you're ok!
  13. How come whenever I try to post a topic it says Error Code: EX0?

    1. FelixHelix


      Are you tagging Greg in it? If so, the post won't allow for that. I had the same problem when trying to make a post asking if he was okay. Hope that helps!

    2. Anna


      No, I wasn't tagging Greg or anyone else in it. It even does that when I try to send messages.

    3. FelixHelix


      Weird 😕

  14. I was quite concerned over the end of that video too. I hate seeing Greg all sad like that. He doesn't deserve to be sad. 😞 And I cant get over what that creep did to him. Thats disgusting.
  15. You did great Greg. Sometimes its good just to be proud of yourself. :)
  16. I do. Is it still happening for you?
  17. Ok..now its saying the same thing for me when I try to post. Ugh. I was trying to ask you an important question...
  18. Oh...I actually don't use Twitter. And I hope you're ok! Sorry to see you go.
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