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  1. I want someone who's dominant in their life, and in mine. I don't want someone begging for attention or my time. I want someone who takes what they want and doesn't settle for less. I enjoy being a hard person's comfort, soft spot. Because when I actually care for someone I'm so mushy and extra affectionate, but I'm shy and I enjoy being embarrassed so I can't be with someone who waits for me to lead because I do that in every other aspect of my life. I'm too young to deal with children, I need a man or woman.
  2. Though it's uncomfortable for me to admit, I feel as though I was mostly the one who would be the manipulator when it came to therapists. That's why I stopped going, because people are so easy to read that I would already know what they would say in response to my problems. Eventually I would just say random things to get them to say what I wanted to, or to see what they would say in general. Therapy is all about deduction, they aren't manipulating you, they're giving you tools that you're missing to think in a different (well-adjusted) perspective.
  3. I used to be severely addicted to cocaine. I haven't relapsed in a year, though I honestly think about it everyday. Nowadays I'm addicted to attention from strangers, inappropriate or otherwise, positive or negative. 👻
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