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  1. I just wanted to vent a little bit. It isn't my intention to be mean, so I hope nobody percieves it that way. In my opinon, it's always unethical to try and convince others to eat specific diets, especially if you aren't professionally trained. Even if you have gone through the years of necessary training to become a professional dietitician, you must always give someone an evaluation before giving out dietary advice. The reason that this code of ethics exists is to see where the person is at health wise so you can avoid doing others harm by giving them advice that could potentially lead them to developing serious health complications. Reading random websites, watching youtube videos, watching documentaries, and personal experience doesn't give you enough working knowledge to give people any level of dietary advice. The reason for this is because nutrition/health/wellness etc. is very complicated. Our bodies aren't identical. Because of our differences, we have different dietary needs, according to what we can and can't digest/absorb, underlying health conditions, etc. The fact is that not everyone can thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet. It's harmful to insinuate that "if it's done right, everyone can do it." Because you have to take into consideration that some people can't absorb supplements, some people can't digest a lot of fiber, some people have problems like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and other health conditions. Even under the guidance of professional dieticians, some people will suffer with these diets. Vegan and vegetarian activists unintentionally cause harm because they try to appeal to people's compassionate nature and create social pressure to conform to their preferred diets. They use philosophical arguments to convince people that it's unnecessary to eat meat and other animal products, and that not only is there no excuse for it, but you're a bad person if you do. So, people end up converting their diet under the guidance of ill informed people such as freelee the banana girl, a person who at one point ate 10+ bananas on the daily (hello, pre-diabetes). And when health problems come up, a lot of people don't think to connect them to the diet they are on, since veganism and vegetarianism are both treated like they are the healthiest diets out there and activists always insist that if you're experiencing problems, you're "just not doing it right." The vegan diet can be especially dangerous, because of how restrictive it is. You can create irreversible damage if you are malnourished for an extended period of time. Malnourishment is starvation. One other thing that I'd like to add is that people often exaggerate the risk of getting heart disease and cancer from consuming meat. This is a form of fear mongering. Yes, eating nothing but red meat all day every day is not good for you, but if you only consume meat once or twice a week, the risk is negligible. So, yeah...some people may thrive on vegan and vegetarian diets, but not everyone can. Please, don't give out dietary advice on the internet. Please, don't follow dietary advice given to you by strangers on the internet. And please understand that you can still contribute to the distruction of the planet while abstaining from animal products. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I'm tired of the blatant gaslighting that I've encountered, even in the recent animated video, created by onision. If you got this far, thanks for reading. Sorry in advance if I offended anybody.
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