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  1. That moment when you're so depressed you can't even bring yourself to smile, and your sister over the phone can see it plain as day, but you mask it by saying you're sleep deprived and have a migraine, which isn't exactly true, but you don't know how else to say it... 

  2. *flops onto my bed* What a rough day... I could use more relaxation time and less drama.

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    2. Anna


      Are you ok?

    3. Peacefulfaerie


      Yeah, just blowing off steam before I lose what's left of my patience.

    4. Anna


      Oh okay. I know that feeling. 

  3. I think it's immature, draining, and serves no purpose for them to do this. These haters aren't really haters I don't think, they're just following a trend and a lot of it is just shell accounts. They cause enough fuss for Twitter to ban them, so they create account after account to evade that and continue with their pointless shenanigans. I've blocked hundreds of people, I can't even keep count anymore, yet as you said, they keep coming, so if I have anything to say, like a compliment or positive feedback, I often take it here because what good will it do to give energy vampires a way to target someone else? They don't even know what kind of content he creates, they just look at the title and go "Yep, he's trash. Let's bombard his Twitter and YouTube because we're #edgy and #cool like that! WOO!" Pretty sad if you ask me that no matter the year, there will always be someone out to get you, always be someone that has something antagonistic to say. Ultimately how we deal with it is what matters most. We can choose to come to these people with hard facts, but you won't get through to them. or we can choose to walk away because it's plain to see they don't care about truth, they only care about their warped little bubble. *shrug* No one has swayed me from supporting Greg, and they're not going to now, either. He's only human, I genuinely don't know what they expect. From the few occasions that he's responded to me, be it in a comment or a DM, he's really cool. Maybe if they tried to have a conversation instead of blowing smoke out of their rears, they'd probably gain a whole new perspective.
  4. Swear words are censored by bullet points now? Huh, weird... Did I miss a rule somewhere?

  5. No matter what you decide, I support you 100%. You're a good artist and I'm glad you decided to try something new. I'm not sure what you use to draw in, but if you ever want a more anime style, Clip Studio Paint is a good program. Haven't tried it myself personally, but from video reviews I'd say it's a lot better than what I had before. Keep practicing and always remember to do what you think is best. You're awesome. ^_^
  6. Thank you! I'll give it a try in a few days since I have to catch up on some gaming stuff. If something messes up I'll send a DM your way. ^_^
  7. To be honest I hated Gimp because it would always ruin everything I put into it, including transparency, which is why I'll never waste hard drive space just to install it again, or risk another virus to try and find a cracked version of Paint Tool SAI. I actually wish I knew where my file went that goes with my drawing of Silvally but I suppose I lost it when my old computer permanently died. Currently, it's the only piece I was able to squeeze out. xD
  8. I feel like I have too much exposure, I get a lot more compliments about my art than I'm comfortable with, but I'm grateful for it all the same. There's actually an artist I follow too that inspires me every day, called @knotlines, I met them on Twitch a few weeks ago and they're always so supportive and sweet. I wouldn't know how to sell my only piece of art however since I no longer have the program to add my signature to it.
  9. Very true! Have you heard of the Faber-Castell Polychromos set of 120 Colored Pencils? They're $150, so they're pricey as hell, but I was told that if I can get my hands on them, that I could actually start up commissions again and continue what I used to love. I looked into trying GoFundMe, but considering they take quite a huge chunk out of the donation pool, it would be completely useless. My art is professional grade though, my last drawing from two years ago had quite a few wondering if I actually worked for the company who created Pokemon. One hell of a compliment that's for sure, but now I definitely see why. The only reason I haven't asked my parents is that they gave up on my abilities a long time ago because to them the supplies were a waste, even though I drew every day. I'd never beg for the product of course, but for sure whoever did such a kind gesture for me would have at least two drawings of their choice. (Mostly anime characters or pokemon until I can figure out how actual human anatomy works). ^_^
  10. This is actually a good request, someone I spoke to a few days ago regarding a particular art set I need, suggested I make a post, but with no real way of doing that, it would be difficult, because it's not so much advertising but it would more or less be asking for help since they could see how passionate I am about drawing again and they wanted to see more work from me. Perhaps an advertisement and artists corner could be beneficial for those in situations like mine where your only source of income is through art commissions.
  11. Exactly, as long as it's not hurting him too much (or at all) then I hope he'll always continue to push out videos even if it can be draining or stressful at times. ^_^
  12. True, true. At the end of the day, it's actually situations exactly like this that make me wonder if it would be worth trying to create content. At least on Twitch you can't do these things because you'll instantly be banned without question, it's 100% against their Terms of Service as of last year I believe. YouTube really should be taking pages out of Twitch's book and enforce the same rules.
  13. Right? I mean come on, he willingly demonetizes his videos when talking about Eugenia, but everyone else be cashin in. I'm not even sure if that's legal. But I guess it is since no one does anything about it.
  14. You're okay! I'm not mad at you for it. ^_^ I'm not mad at the OP either, it was just inconsiderate because you can be a fan of both content creators and still dislike what one or the other says without telling them to remove what they took time and effort into uploading. Plus Onision's new videos are so interesting lately, I like that the animations adds such an amusing spin to these controversial topics (IE: Repzion/Repzilla/Eugenia Cooney, etc)
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