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  1. They say no one is perfect, but I really truly believe that my mum is perfect in personality. You have to know her to agree with me - last post ❤️ 

  2. King of pop ❤️ I miss him so much it hurts https://t.co/RAkvtuWsSJ

  3. Now I can sleep in peace

  4. Nevermind they’re on my window lol

  5. How fabulous I can’t find my f●●●ing apple earphones 😒😒😒😒😒

  6. My mum just walked past a table with the 2 MJ CD's on it and said "Why's Michael Jackson posing oan ma table?" lol

  7. RT @Onision: Guys... I have no explanation for this so I’m asking for your input. https://t.co/uxlqj3HBnI

  8. @Onision Oh my god what the hell? 😂😂

  9. RT @nonamejustheree: Michael knew Wade's "dancing" is S●●● https://t.co/octPC8jPAv

  10. Imagine letting your biased attitude f●●● you up like that? Can't relate

  11. @mythical_shane Omg you have an MJ fan page?? Cool! I follow a lot of other MJ fans lol

  12. @mythical_shane Ikr so many people are staring to us this header

  13. RT @mythical_shane: @jacksonrusseII’s header speaks the truth 💯

  14. 😂😂 https://t.co/mg5oelIvLX

  15. @WhiteQueenisBae So sorry maddie :( xxx

  16. @moonlightgains 18

  17. Lol mood 😂 https://t.co/4qoKMexiED

  18. I mean glueD lol.
    We've been through hell and back together during my childhood lol. who needs pals when you have a toy from childhood? lol

  19. I only kept one toy and that's my favorite one that I got for my first birthday, I've literally been glues to him s… https://t.co/a6WH0I9fWB

  20. @cutieshaneyy It's so idiotic it's unreal like...why? Everyone on here is the exact same

  21. @cutieshaneyy I hate the way people use this emoji🤠it's ANNOYING

  22. I love this forum! 🙂

    1. Anna


      Me too! 😊

  23. Fat shaming is just disgusting in all ways possible. I think if someone is healthy then it shouldn't matter. If someone's fatness is making them very unhealthy, there are better ways to approach them and talk to them about it and to change their eating habits to help them lose weight. But nope, fat shaming or any kind of weight shaming is not beneficial at all, it could drive them to eating disorders, suicide, depression, etc. Not nice.
  24. @Peacefulfaerie -me from suffering in crippling sadness and breakdowns

  25. @Peacefulfaerie I have a lot of depression and anxiety caused by autism and I take antidepressants to help with tha… https://t.co/4g91kY7SRM

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