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  1. Going to the beach at night and admiring the moon and the water. Or riding a ferris wheel at night. I like heights and the dark.
  2. You have good taste! I also like edgy, emo, and goth. The cult part is alarming though.
  3. Pale skin and dark clothes and hair are the most attractive.
  4. Onision and Little Kuriboh. https://www.youtube.com/user/CardGamesFTW I'm picky and I think YouTubers' videos are boring as a whole. Those two are hilarious!
  5. I enjoy some of her songs, but she is an attention seeker and it bugs me.
  6. That's harsh. There are so many people in the world, and every type has someone fall for them eventually. I'm sure you've got lovable qualities.
  7. My Dad! He is the best person in the world! He is tolerant, accepting, brave, protective, helpful, smart, loving, selfless, loyal, honest, responsible, reliable. I wish everyone could have both parents who were similar to him.
  8. They have to be assertive and confident.
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh. Short explanation: It has ancient Egypt, reincarnation, souls, magic, duels, cute monsters like Kuriboh and cool ones like Blue Eyes White Dragon. Plus the main character is a lovable sweetheart. The friendship aspect of the series. I just love everything about it!!!
  10. Definitely Black Ink! I love the lyrics and the way he sings it is neat. It's a dreadful sounding song, and it reminds me of my favorite genre, Grunge.
  11. Every Cobra Starship song.
  12. Emo Charlie. I wear black all the time and I share his cynicism and pessimism.
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