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  1. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. The crush started when I was 6 and I still have it. He's smart, strong, stoic, a loner, sarcastic, quiet, he wears black, he has black hair, he's not overly nice (like letting people step on him or hurt him repeatedly), and he's confident. There's nothing not to like!
  2. He sounds like a loser! You should ignore him.
  3. Do you believe it is better to have loved someone and had your heart broken by them, or never to be in a relationship at all? Do you think that a person on their death bed would regret failed relationships or the fact that they never had one?
  4. I love your reply! ^.^ I can see Psychic fitting him for his mischievous side, ability to influence others, and how he sometimes talks about powers, aliens, demons, and spirits. Steel could match too.
  5. Yes, and it's terrifying. They are so realistic it's like I'm awake. There is always strange noises, whispering, or black figures. I try to call for my Dad and it never works, barely anything comes out. I can't move either. I wake up unable to move, heart racing, sweating, shaking, and my chest feels like something is inside of me clutching it. In some sleep paralysis dreams I feel a weight on my chest.
  6. Seafood. 😵😝 I won't even try any of it. It smells horrendous and it just seems filthy. Plus with a lot of aquatic animals you just eat them as is. You've got a crab, lobster, etc and it's like the corpse is staring into your soul as you break it up. Makes me sad and nauseous too.
  7. It's got to be YouTube. Onision's channels, Little Kuriboh, music, animals, nature, anime, Family Guy, Harry Potter, psychology. So many interesting videos!
  8. Do you mind if I ask why you like to watch murder videos? Is it because you want to hurt people, you're attracted to evil, or you're just into dark stuff?
  9. The Gods part is the best. Can you imagine thinking you were a diety?
  10. Thank you for the follow!

    1. GreyGirlGrace


      You're welcome and thanks for following back! :) 

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      Sloppy Mommy

      You're welcome ❤️

  11. I found a YouTube channel where a woman mentions Onision. She talks about them ruling the world together and how he's her Husband. She refers to his spouse as W**** of Babylon and clearly dislikes them. She has pictures of Gregory and herself next to each other and calls her and him Eve and Adam. In her most bizarre video, she writes a letter to him about how they should never meet and how they could rule. There's a lot of flashing and a weird cartoon. so please be careful if you have anything that could be triggered by fast videos, bright stuff, or flashing! This video contains animation about Adolf Hitler. I can send you links to her Onision videos if you would like them and don't want to dig through her page. I think this woman is mentally ill and is not creating these things to offend others. It seems she's delusional and doesn't live in reality. Link to Hitler video: https://youtu.be/U2E3MjU9QM0
  12. This would be the coolest thing!
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