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  1. Guys, if you are ever thinking about something like this, please call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741 But to answer the question, I have and tried many times. depression is a b●●●●
  2. Clinical depression doesn't go away. It sounds like you're experiencing a manic episode (being happy for a 2 or more days). This happens to me sometimes, but if you have clinical depression, it will unfortunately come back
  3. I notice the difference because I've been through it all. When you have an ED like anorexia people seem to be more caring and more open to helping you. Everyone wants to get you professional help cause you are a skeleton. When your ED is overeating, people insult you and tell you it's your fault. No one thinks about hospitalizing you even though you could be at risk for suffocation or heart disease. Whats even worse is when you are obese and fall into anorexia. People congratulate you for loosing weight rather than seeing how quickly you are loosing. I was anorexic and because of that starvation my body has gone into fat-storage mode. Sometime I overeat or I relapse to anorexia, making the fat-storage worse. I'm trying to be healthier though
  4. Hey I'm a furry and I would like you to make a video about furries and the community. Both the cringe and the good would be awesome because there is both in every fandom.
  5. What is your magic element? I'm personally an earth-based witch (stones, dirt, herbs, etc) ((Image found on google to this site - https://goddesshasyourback.com/tag/wicca-element-earth/ ))
  6. 18+ is the best way to go. I know this sight is supposed to be 18+ but having this safe haven is awesome.
  7. f●●● yeah wicca! This is my S●●● right here! I love all things witchy
  8. You cant seem to do anything with all of your heart- laugh, do a hobby, ect. All you want to do is lay in bed and sleep. It feels like you're weighed down at the ankle by a boulder. You want to enjoy yourself and spend time woth those you love, but it makes you drag behind. You end up angry at everything- you, the world. It eventually makes you close off from the world until you are left alone with degrading (and possibly self-harming) thoughts
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