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  1. So the images attached are of my original topic posted, since they are very important questions to me. However, I did want to include a few more questions that are of other topics. 1. What is your current point of view on the YouTube "scandal" regarding YouTube's algorithms making a "wormhole" for child predators to view underage children? (I first learned of this issue at about this time yesterday watching another YouTuber called Mista GG, as he posted a video on his channel Mista G Dubs regarding the topic of the YouTuber who first raised his concerns regarding this. I agree highly with Mista GG's outlook on the situation, and am concerned for both YouTube and those who are creators on the platform as I saw this same topic brought up on a news station and was highly sensationalized.) 2. What is your opinion regarding the not so recent news of Chris Hansen being arrested for bouncing checks? (These checks were for items that were supposed to be Kickstarter benefits - of which there were many complaints of his supporters not receiving as promised.) Thank you again, and I hope you have a lovely day! -Emy B.
  2. Hello Greg, My name is Emy, and I am 20 years old. I have been a huge fan of your channel(s) for quite a long time, as well as a fan of Kai's. First and foremost, I would love to thank yourself and your spouse Kai, as both of you have helped me understand new points of view and come out of my shell as far as many ways of thinking. Due to your (as well as some other YouTuber's) inspiration, it has helped for me to come out of the closet as biS●●ual to most of the people around me, as well as understand that my being a polyamorous individual is neither wrong, nor impossible. Here are where a few questions will begin, along with some explanation for said questions. The main question I have for you, as well as Kai if he would like to help explain, is what a good suggestion for exploring polyamorous S●●uality in a comfortable manner would be. Although I am proud to be biS●●ual, and have lost my virginity already, I have not experienced S●● with another woman yet. In my only previous polyamorous relationship there was no S●●, at least not between myself and my.girlfriend, which made the relationship very unequal and lead to the eventual end. The other two individuals (my now ex boyfriend and girlfriend) were having S●● and there were a lot of other outlying issues, as when we met I was told that he was single. Now that I have learned from that experience, and had moved on long ago, my friend (male) and I have agreed that we would like to be in a polyamorous relationship. He has almost been in one previously, but due to jealousy issues with his girlfriends it did not end up working out. So now my second question is this: What are some good tips for choosing another woman to join us in our polyamorous relationship? I know that the first question might not be as easy for you to answer due to it being a better question for another biS●●ual woman (one who has been in a polyamorous relationship most likely), but since I do know that you are an intelligent individual I thought you might be able to provide me with some insight regardless considering your past experiences with your own polyamorous relationships. Thank you very much if you were able to take the time to read this! I truly appreciate your content, as well as Kai's, and I hope you have a wonderful day! -Emy B.
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