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  1. Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Alltrails, Guthook and Onision.com.
  2. Skyrim❤ plus Medal of Honor on GameCube. There was one I remember you could play 2 player missions and it was the best!!
  3. I've been thinking of trying it with my kiddo, I've read it also helps kids on the spectrem. Hard thing about any foods I give him is if he doesn't like a texture he's not eating it.
  4. Dandelions, everyone considers them a weed, but they are beautiful and wild to me.
  5. Have you looked into the GAPS diet?
  6. Coffee and researching things.
  7. I have the same problem going on. It's the worse pain I've ever felt. Mine was the piriformis muscle. Don't do what I did and wait to get help. I waited so long I'm having to retrain muscle that I'm pretty sure I lost from muscle atrophy. My leg got so bad it would give out when I was on it for longer than a minute. I finally gave in and went to see a chiropractor. He got me to where I was walking again in about 7 visits over 5wks. My muscle is still sore but it's getting stronger every day. Now I'm back on track to my hiking goals. The stretches and yoga also help. If you search around you might be able to find a chiropractor that charges cheaper rates. Mine charges $37 a visit I just told myself it's the price of going out.
  8. Hair doesn't bother me on others. I leave armpits for the most part unshaved unless going somewhere fancy and when I feel like having my legs being smooth I buy a wax kit.
  9. Hiking!! My husband and I are working towards thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2026.
  10. I had 10 piercings now only have 5 that I can get anything through. 2 tattoos but dream of a sleeve someday.
  11. I'm working on learning Wim Hof breathing excercises. They are used for endurance and physical stuff, but am interested in seeing if it helps with mental blockages as well. He has alot of videos about his stuff on Youtube. I first learned about him on the Yes Theory channel when they did the polar plunges and did the freezing mountain walk in their skivvies.
  12. Love and disappointment aren't the same things to me. You always love your kids but you can be disappointed in the decisions they make in life.
  13. This year 17yrs. together, 16yrs. married.
  14. I completely understand!! I got rid of my Twitter account awhile ago. It caused me to much stress and anxiety.
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