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  1. Eugenia please know that we all care about you and we just want you to get better. You must take care of yourself and in doing so imagine the lives you could change by setting an example and overcoming your demons ❤️
  2. Vegas is a little chilly but nothing crazy
  3. Was it Candy man? Sounds like Candy man?
  4. Or just check Twitter and re-message me :) I should get it
  5. *clears throat*.... so... how's life? XDDD
  6. I thought you ditched me LOL well... hahahahaha
  7. Add me back on Twitter if you want... I went back to talk to ya and I couldn't :( but I am glad your mom is doing okay.
  8. I was in two abusive relationships.. back to back... first one I was basically being held hostage in LA and I had no family in LA and I was stuck... I was staying with his mom and his sister and himself and when they weren't home he would hurt me. Eventually he was gone one day and I begged his mom to help me and she got me a plane ticket and I escaped. Second abusive relationship he followed me up to Vegas where I live now and he basically choked me one night to where I almost blacked out and was just swinging and a punching and after the fight I realized that I had to get TF out .... He hated Vegas so I told him if he flew back home I would follow him and he got on a plane and I stayed behind and never saw him again. That didn't stop him from trying to threaten me over and over on FB but by that time I was safe and thousands of miles away.
  9. I played that game to growing up LOL but who didn't play those creepy games! We also played Bloody Mary
  10. LOL so I meet up with this guy... we sit down at a table at a Subway... and he brings his OWN glass.... fills it up in the machine.. buys himself food and eats it front of me... it was awkward AF
  11. Angels_Founder


    I appreciate the holy water / possible Supernatural reference lol
  12. Sorry about your mom :(
  13. OH noooooooo you just ran over me with your carrrr I am a pot hole.... Your car went bump bump bump oh nooooooooo
  14. I won't go there with mine lol can I skip? XDDDD
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