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  1. I have 7 piercings and 10 tattoos 😊
  2. My husband and I have been married for 7 years but together since Dec. 2008. 🙂
  3. I like to believe everyone is more intelligent than they let on... Just not very compassionate anymore it seems...
  4. I can get into that. What's your top 5? 😊
  5. I understand completely. I am not into forcing others to think like me/forcing my opinions on others. Thank you for the welcome! 😊
  6. I have a giant birthmark that runs from the top of my neck all the way down to the middle of my stomach. It's quite a few shades darker than my pale skintone too so it's very noticeable.
  7. Hey there y'all, Quick question for you after a brief little intro -- I believe that there are only two biological genders (trans being vague middle ground bc they are transitioning from one to the other) and identify politically as a centrist who leans a little more so to the right (used to be more left when I was younger). I also am a non-denominational Christian who doesn't believe that church is what it used to be so I refuse to go. The thing is though, I understand and accept everyone equally. Fully equally. We are all human. I will respect pronouns and not treat anyone differently for their opinions on gender, politics, or religion. However, I have found more and more people that will lash out at me because of my stances on any of these topics though. 'Don't believe in more than two genders? Are you even educated?' 'How can you lean more right while Trump is in office?' 'How can you claim to be a part of Christianity and not agree with all of the Bible or go to church?' etc. So I guess my question is... Why can't we all just respect each other? Why can't we find something to appreciate about everyone that we meet? Why do we have to be so innately judgemental? I guess that's a few questions. Looking for honest, heartfelt opinions though. Would love to hear from you all on this topic. Or if you just want to leave a comment and tell me a bit about your views on gender, politics, or religion, please feel free. I am very interested in learning other viewpoints and maybe getting to know a few beautiful human beings. 🙂 Thanks 💛
  8. Alex Hogh Andersen 😍
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