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  1. The real first love of his life was actually tracy if I'm not mystaken RIP kurt🤩
  2. This makes sense.Im an empath.😊
  3. I like it. Personally when I go red I prefer a darker maroon color,because I like it more than the bright colors I've previously tried on my head.lol
  4. I have schizoaffective,but I wouldn't say I'm totally off my rocker. I work full time,pay bills,have a supportive family,drive a nice car,and have two cats that I love dearly. I just have to work a bit harder than most to sustain myself,and live a "normal" life. I'm also probably going to be on meds forever,but I can't change that unfortunately.
  5. Yes I have several times in my life since childhood,and it's awful. 😫
  6. I was in nursing school with a 4.5 GPA. I worked full time,and full time classes as well. I made dean's list. My credits were transferrable,and I thought that if I really pushed myself I could take the prerequisites for pre med at community college. Long story short I broke down,because my symptoms got the best of me. I was then diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder,and have been on medication ever since. My credits transfered,and for my RN it would take about a year,however I would probably have to redo some other courses for my own piece of mind like pharmacology for example. My plan is to go back soon,because I know I can do it.
  7. I used to practice wicca quite a lot.
  8. That schizoaffective people are violent. Yes I was diagnosed with a mental illness,however I have never been a violent person.Im actually quite the opposite. I suffered for years silently,and now found my life to be a lot better on medication.
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