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  1. Peas, I don’t like peas. The texture freaks me out. Also, asparagus, it smells how I imagine dirty, sweaty feet would taste like. It grossed me out.
  2. My story is quite boring but here we go. In middle -high school, I had this thing I now call my “humanity switch” yes from vampire diaries. I love that show. It’s basically like a personality disorder, I am not diagnosed (using it for description), and it when I am pushed enough, I stop caring and become very vindictive and psychotic. When I am not triggered I am fine. My normal loud, bold, daring, fearless, and explosive personality. But when my humanity switch is flipped I’m am a person that I dont like. I spent years trying to better myself. I have and I’m a lot happier for it. I’ve also struggled with depression, insomnia, and Greg and Andy Biersack, has helped me through these times. I hope everyone will have a wonderful and prosperous life. ❤️
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