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  1. Well, I am a Patreon I just don't currently have money flowing through at the moment , but I've talked to Onsion before on Patreon (meaning not Kai). My goal is just trying to move it to the next level and I'm hoping if this message gets enough attention to get their attention on this forum to contact me personally. Thanks @Anna for the advice I do appreciate it. I just think publicly will make it more obvious, because I am interested but I'm not going to snoop for their information when it is at their access to get to me. I'm just saying no matter what I will support them even if they don't respond I still understand what they want and I completely respect that. As a fan that's all I can ask for in a role model :)
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!happy birthday GIF

    1. Onryouji


      Thank yoooouuuu!!!! 

  3. Hello Onision and potential other readers, I am wanting to know something for a while and I know it may seemed far fetched and crazy but I want to try. So recently I posted a thing about how much I love Onision and Kai but the one thing I was forced to put in was the fact that I don't know either of these people. I would like to build a relationship with them as friends but I like viewing them as role models. Part of the reason being actual physical issues. As far as I know i don't know the details but I believe they live in Washington state (I'm not too sure because I don't stalk them I'm just a viewer)? But I live in Michigan and that at this time is crazy far and it's gonna be a nah on meeting them in person unless they're in Detroit some time which I highly doubt due to starting their family etc. There is no way to meet them in person, BUT I have a solution partially using technology but I kind of would like to aim toward another option but let me just tell you my ideas and I will wait for feedback. My two ideas are A email or B snail mail. both would be like the old fashioned "pen pal" idea but option B is the exact version. Now if both of these options are void I would love to hear your ideas on it, or if you don't want to at all I totally understand. Take the time to fully understand what I'm asking for and please consider it. I just want a friendship that's all I'm asking for I'm not a scam or a hater I'm just reaching out as a fan to be a friend, and if you are uncomfortable with it all, I completely understand. Sincerely, Katherine Nonte
  4. Okay so I want to start a game of truth or truth because why not? answer the question given to you and that's all anyone is welcome. I will start. So, my question to the first person is What makes you feel the most loved when it comes to a friend stand point, or what makes you feel the most supported/cared for?
  5. I am officially confused I got an email saying I was saying that I was kicked off the site for no reason but I here I am? 

  6. Nonte K


    So a teacher's job is to enlighten the minds of many and give the gift of knowledge to everyone. Right? Or at least that's what I believe. A recent friend of mine who is currently getting ready to graduate for her bachelor's degree recently had an opportunity. She was involved a dance program and the teacher decided to give her an honorary solo in the upcoming performance for her if she was interested. My friend accepted and the teacher said to choreograph it herself (my friend), and if she needed any help to let her (the teacher) know. Well now my friend is dwindling down the moves and she's doing good and 4 weeks before she asked the teacher to help her out privately mean while still learning the original dance for the original dance recital. The teacher said "I won't be there next week, but the week after should be fine." Everything sounds really positive doesn't it? here's where I have a dilemma. The teacher didn't show and my friend now has 1 rehearsal left before the performance and she is scrambling to figure out the moves to this video she picked. She never found the time to choreograph it so she found a video and chose it. She sent it to the teacher and the teacher said "that's great."But when my friend finally asks for help she isn't there. So that's the mood for now, the performance is less than a week away. What do you think?
  7. Thank you all who replied to my last post I'm glad it really got attention. I know I'm a newbie but Ithank you so much GIF by chuber channel love getting feed back from level headed people.  Thank you guys so much! 

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