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  1. i demand organic man so my life can be complete again pls and thanks 🙏🏻
  2. i have a rule once you legitimately break up with someone to not go through romantically again with them, history tends to repeat. i believe friendship afterwards could be casual, they separated for a reason.. why try to put blame on the outside people/person when they aren’t in the relationship? if said person chooses to have casual intimacy especially while in a relationship that’s on them if they wanna run around🤮 you shouldn’t have to guard them from certain people because they can’t have control. worrying about if they are sneaking around with anyone is unhealthy but if they do then buh bye let them be why you here lol
  3. my thoughts on everyone so hurt by Onision’s jokes is they beg for his unfiltered comedy then get offended and riot at the style yet, i just happened to actually listen to this “music” they clearly say the r word and it’s glorified 5.4 million likes 🤦‍♀️ tag urself i’m the dude far left 🤣
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