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  1. The UK is having a mini heatwave, temperature are literally going up as high as 15C (59F) it's so rare for it to be above 10C (50f) this time of year in the UK, it's crazy. But I love it, because I hate the Winter. Spring is here early this year!

  2. JacksonRussell

    Just curious!

    That's good! Any kind of smoking is gross to me. It's better to not do those kinds of things 🙂For one it's pointless. Other people can choose to do what they like though, nothing against it although I wish they wouldn't and as long as they don't smoke near me especially cigarettes, YUCK, i'm asthmatic so it harms me a lot (vaping around me i'm okay with since it doesn't harm people around the vaper and sometimes it smells nice lol)
  3. Greg is adorable

    Fullscreen capture 11022019 001812.jpg






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    2. JacksonRussell


      Same, I literally cannot get over how cute he is! Like how can someone be that adorable?? 😍

    3. Anna


      I don't know! I guess some people are born adorable! 

    4. JacksonRussell


      Omg ikr? And this is proof haha. He was the cutest baby omg 😭♥️

      Fullscreen capture 21082018 162056.jpg

  4. JacksonRussell

    I think you're awesom Greg...is that wrong?

    This whole forum makes me happy 🙂 thank you for being you, Greg! You're the best!
  5. JacksonRussell


    2 guinea pigs called Oreo and Romeo 🙂 We had to give them away though because they were my sister's and she didn't take the time to look after them properly and it went to everyone else and we didn't have time for them so she gave them to her friend 🙂 Don't worry they were never abandoned, I had to do everything and I didn't want to, but I didn't want them to suffer just because my sister was lazy.
  6. Hi everyone 🙂 Hope everyone reading this has a nice day 

    Fullscreen capture 12022019 121313.jpg

    1. Anna


      Thanks Jackson. You too! :)

  7. JacksonRussell

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    Me too
  8. JacksonRussell

    What Is The WORST YouTube Genre?

    Hate channels and drama channels. Imagine having your whole YouTube career being shitting on others NOPE. Also wtf was that first thing you said.....a grown man acting like a literal kid....and serious about it....? Yuck, that creeps me out and makes me cringe like hell.... Also I love that Chibi Derf reference haha. Chibi does it right and in a FUNNY way!! LOL
  9. JacksonRussell

    I Want To Get Something Off My Chest

    So sorry for your loss, this made me tear up a little 😞
  10. JacksonRussell

    Whats your favorite physical feature?

    I like my lips and my hair because it's short My biggest insecurity is my nose, chest (gender dysphoria), stomach, under my eyes, and my thighs. My female body but male brain makes me insecure.
  11. JacksonRussell

    What’s your zodiac sign?

    Capricorn Born 5th January 2001 🙂
  12. JacksonRussell

    How Tall Are You?

    I'm 5'1 too! I'm 18 and stopped growing at 14 😞
  13. I love my Twitter layout matches so well!😍

    Fullscreen capture 11022019 210904.jpg

  14. He's not changed a single bit❤️ Especially the eyebrows, they've always been the exact same shape. These are my 2 favourite pics of Greg to compare to each other because they show the most how much he has not changed since he was a kid! So adorable!❤️

    Fullscreen capture 17112018 224957.jpg

    Fullscreen capture 18102018 200345.jpg

  15. He's the cutest person in the world 

    Fullscreen capture 11022019 192523.jpg

    Fullscreen capture 22102018 003823.jpg

    1. Anna


      1000% true!


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