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  1. I have 4, all girls. Two of them are sisters.
  2. @Drifter Kane Then I feel like it indicates that the person is either quite good at manipulation or is genuinely trustworthy.
  3. @LizardQueen Jesus, that's a lot of cats XD. They are all quite cute though, I love them ❤️
  4. North Carolina, a woman can't revoke consent once she has given it. This has been used in several R●●● cases to dismiss them
  5. I understand 100%. I know the entire thing with people saying Greg is grooming children and I wasn't about to do anything inappropriate even if I did know about it. Plus I would never put my body on the internet, I'm underage and self-conscious lol.
  6. @Onision If it is what I think it is, I think I see it, I hope not though
  7. I made a post, of which Onision replied to, which said I was 14, and he didn't say anything about my age.... Not to mention the fact that I am MUCH more mature than other teenagers my age due to having to go through experiences, horrible experiences, most others haven't. I don't plan on being inappropriate in any kind of way, nor do I plan on posting any pics of my body, which is why Onision is getting attacked, because that's inappropriate
  8. I went on a hiking trip with my boyfriend and his parents. We were in the car and he had brought his dog along. I was petting the dog's back and he decides to roll over and my hand touches his P●●●●. I squealed and once I got home I washed my hand for a good half an hour.... Embarrassing AND gross. The relationship I'm in now, however, is pretty great.
  9. My cat only does that if I go to walk away and she wants more love. For the most part, they keep their mouths and claws off of me. Female cats are honestly better in my opinion
  10. I honestly think it's completely f●●●ing selfish to do this to your parent(s) just to get attention. I'm 14 and I don't follow any of these dumbass challenges because they're dangerous and selfish
  11. That deserves to f●●●ing die
  12. I personally love cats, my 3 cats are the sweetest ❤️
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