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  1. I have 4, all girls. Two of them are sisters.
  2. @Drifter Kane Then I feel like it indicates that the person is either quite good at manipulation or is genuinely trustworthy.
  3. @LizardQueen Jesus, that's a lot of cats XD. They are all quite cute though, I love them ❤️
  4. North Carolina, a woman can't revoke consent once she has given it. This has been used in several R●●● cases to dismiss them
  5. I understand 100%. I know the entire thing with people saying Greg is grooming children and I wasn't about to do anything inappropriate even if I did know about it. Plus I would never put my body on the internet, I'm underage and self-conscious lol.
  6. I made a post, of which Onision replied to, which said I was 14, and he didn't say anything about my age.... Not to mention the fact that I am MUCH more mature than other teenagers my age due to having to go through experiences, horrible experiences, most others haven't. I don't plan on being inappropriate in any kind of way, nor do I plan on posting any pics of my body, which is why Onision is getting attacked, because that's inappropriate
  7. I went on a hiking trip with my boyfriend and his parents. We were in the car and he had brought his dog along. I was petting the dog's back and he decides to roll over and my hand touches his P●●●●. I squealed and once I got home I washed my hand for a good half an hour.... Embarrassing AND gross. The relationship I'm in now, however, is pretty great.
  8. My cat only does that if I go to walk away and she wants more love. For the most part, they keep their mouths and claws off of me. Female cats are honestly better in my opinion
  9. I honestly think it's completely f●●●ing selfish to do this to your parent(s) just to get attention. I'm 14 and I don't follow any of these dumbass challenges because they're dangerous and selfish
  10. That deserves to f●●●ing die
  11. I personally love cats, my 3 cats are the sweetest ❤️
  12. Giggledick is one of the best names I've heard XD. That being said, I think Sloppy Mommy is pretty good too
  13. I wear them sometimes because I think they're cute. I'm not goth, emo, neko, a furry, etc, I just like how they look. My bf loved how they looked on me but I got a lot of weird looks in the hallways at school.
  14. What do you think of girls wearing them? Not furries or anything, just wearing them because they think they look cute.
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