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  1. I have something for Terra! always have....
  2. I want someone with humor, taller than me, likes dogs and most important doesn't drive me insane
  3. swans fly into those electric lines so my grandpa is always happy when he finds them
  4. I had a sleepingpill that took away the ability to swallow so I drooled a lot and choked every night so I don't take that anymore....and one depressionmed I took made me sweat like a pig and eat like a horse I changed that medication too
  5. a swan...my grandpa from my dads side love to eat swans but they taste horrible
  6. broke my nose first year in school! my classmate hit me with a baseball bat
  7. full moon, raining so it's ice everywhere...the horrible summer is coming
  8. I live in Finland and we speak two languages here swedish and finnish but I only speak swedish and english! my dad is half finnish but he was never home but when he was home he was just always drunk so he never spoke finnish with my older sister and me so I never learned
  9. I only have the things she have written and her name is Gloria I don't have anything else...we talk on kik so it's not so easy to find info
  10. I don't know anything 😕 I only know what her name is not her last name, not her phone number or address but I have saved the horrible things she have written to me... she has been caught by the police before and had her dogs taken away
  11. I have talked to this lady from Jacksonville Florida for about 4years and...she fucks her dogs! I want help to report her to the police since I live in Finland I can't do much myself so can someone please help me?
  12. nope I just find it weird that someone cares about what I think I'm not used to that
  13. I don't believe in god in anyway way or form yes I have a hardcore religious friend that tries to make me believe but I'm not interested
  14. I don't need to believe in god to function
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