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  1. I go to farming school and holly hell humans should be ashamed!!! the pigs get treated bad, the cows aren't used to humans. I don't give a f●●● about what happens with my body please PLEASE TREAT FARM ANIMALS BETTER!! I saw my teacher kick some cute pigs in their butts and I wanted to kill her and a pig died from stress on Monday a 180kg pig so I had to lift that cute creature to the back and I just wanted to cry...how can people treat animals like that?? we should be ashamed! I wanted to save all the animals and have them on my lawn.... I have tried to get the cows to get used to me but it's not easy! beef cows aren't easy to get to like you! Milkcows are more loving and easier to have to do with in general at least from my experience. I just wanted to scream....I hate how humans think we are superior...pigs could kill you, cows could kill you
  2. I love to build small dollrooms!!
  3. a pig had died at school today....he didn't have a tail and blind on his left eye we clicked the first day and we cuddled every day after he ate...I miss that pink cute boy.....but the rest will get slaughtered tomorrow I wonder if I will cry when the truck pick them up

  4. you can't give yourself a diagnose! you need a doctor for that and what if you need medicine? you can't get that by yourself. I have had a really hard time to swallow my pride and call a psychiatrist...a childhood friend had to die before I could finally look for help. I have been s●●ually assaulted for 3years by an older student in farming school, my dad would hit me really bad everytime he was drunk (almost every day). All psychiatrists and doctors aren't bad at their job
  5. use Google or just put away your pride and visit a professional
  6. you are not weak! depression is hard yes but you will get through it. You don't need to have gone through S●●● to be depressed! everyone can get it. You are still young
  7. call CPS! you need to be safe
  8. I love red on other people but hate it on myself! my hair is pink but I'm going to get blonde hair in November
  9. i dated a guy with OCD and with my depression I wanted to kill that man! so I'm dating a guy with no problems what so ever now and I couldn't be happier! he can handle me and I can handle him. But the best part is that he loves my dog very much
  10. don't care about race but I want a guy who speaks swedish! easier for everyone
  11. everything my dad cooks...he would always throw in some alcohol in so it tasted so bad..... I really don't like pork
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