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  1. Valentin

    What phone do you use?

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  2. Valentin

    What Game Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?

    Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. Valentin

    Sisterly/brotherly love

    me and my oldersister slipped on ice at the same time and we laughed in pain....we couldn't walk like normal people for a week
  4. Valentin

    What is your job?

    my grandmas little brother was a farmer and he reached me anything I needed to know! teachers know everything about farming
  5. Valentin

    What is your job?

    you need to go to school to become a farmer nowadays here in Finland so I'm going to studies that again I have already studied it once so it's going to be a peace of cake
  6. Valentin

    What Happens To Us When We Die?

    I think we will be born again
  7. Valentin

    What are you addicted to?

    I'm addicted to cutting myself...I'm meeting a psychiatric every month for my depression and anxiety. My left arm looks like shit
  8. Valentin

    What is your job?

    I'm going to start school again in April to become farmer but I'm going to work as a help to farmers with cows, sheep, pigs and animals like foxes and mink
  9. it's one year ago in April
  10. I was denied testosterone because of my depression not sexuality so....
  11. Valentin

    Dealing with death

    sorry for your loss... I have never had a relationship with my parents but my grandfather died soon 7years ago and he was my everything I miss him everyday I can't wait to see him again in the after life
  12. Valentin

    What phone do you use?

    samsung galaxy s7 edge! love Samsung
  13. Valentin

    Where do you prefer to live?

    I'm a hermit already! my closest neighbor is a bear and I love it that way but I would like to live in helsinki just because it's far away from my family and the people I hate
  14. Valentin

    Share videos that you love to listen to or watch

    I can watch a bird honking for hours!! and laugh like a crazy person
  15. Valentin

    What Are You Listening To?

    lost without love by The 69 Eyes
  16. Valentin

    how do you feel towards your ex(es)?

    I was dating a older guy (38 and I was 23) I was never attracted to him so he would rape me so he could get laid and told everyone what I liked in bed, he used me often....I cleaned and made dinner every day he wanted a housewife so I broke up with him a year ago and he is still harassing me...I hate him so much
  17. I have known this girl for soon a year and she uses me for my money and my car almost every week and it's starting to get really annoying! I have been out on walks with her moms dog everyday and they think it's my job to take care of her moms animals + my "friends" child with adhd! I don't know what to do....should I just leave? I don't have any other options
  18. Valentin

    What Is Your Gender & Partner Preference?

    I'm a transguy and I prefer guys so that makes me gay
  19. Valentin

    Who Is Your Closest Family Member?

    not really my family thinks I should let everything go but it's hard when they still treat me like a moron...I'm soon 25 and haven't done anything in life....my depression got worse when my childhood friend died from cancer and being transgender doesn't really help my situation
  20. Valentin

    How did you quit?

    I have been depressed all my life. My dad is an abusive alcoholic he would hit me for telling him to stop drinking he started to beat me up when I was 8 and stopped when i was 23. I don't have anyone to talk to or be with.... my "friend" is only with me for money and my car. I don't know what to do anymore
  21. Valentin

    Introduce Yourself

    I love to sleep, my favorite color is blue, I have pink hair, my favorite food is everything with mushrooms my name is Alexandra I'm soon 25 years old and I'm a ftm transgender
  22. Valentin

    What Is Your Diet?

    omnivore but I'm going to be a vegan! (vegan food looks so tasty)
  23. Valentin


    my little Valentin! he is a 4year old longhaired miniature dachshund. His nicknames are : Sausage, sausageboy, Vali, my sausageman
  24. Valentin

    Who Is Your Closest Family Member?

    my dog! I can't deal with anyone else because of my depression.....my dad was (still is) an alcoholic that would verbally abuse me and he would hit me pretty bad so....my mom didn't do shit about that so I'm not really interested in having a real relationship with them....my older sister would hit me too so nope I don't want to have anything to do with her either
  25. Valentin

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    flat feet, scoliosis, bowlegged, had to have a surgery on my jaw because it wasn't big enough so I had migraines all my childhood and I got hit with a baseball bat in first grade so my nose is really crooked

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