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  1. Who knows? Maybe they are in a box in area 51. Maybe they have visited up in the past Egyptians maybe I dunno. Who would want to visit us we hate each other and everything. Probally not going to handle aliens good. They'll probally get smallpox or measles and die. Or we will enslave them or deport them or make them slaves. We suck at accepting anything different than us.
  2. Well I live in Denver my mom lives in Missouri my dad lives in Tennessee and my brother lives in South Carolina. My parents devoriced when I was 5. We never were a together family for most of my life. I got to see my dad and brother in January. I haven't seen my mom since September of last year. Sure I miss them some especially round Holidays. I call them at least once a week. I miss them sometimes and thats normal but ussally we are all doing our own things. I missed them a lot the first time i moved out I was in the same state of everyone. I think the older you get and the more amount of time you spend away makes it easier.
  3. Everyone has them don't they? The struggle is real but don't let cercumstances control your life. Be strong. You're stronger than you know. Braver than you belive and Smarter than ya think.
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  5. Don't be mean. See where life goes. Plant food >>>Plant food
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