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  1. Agreed fella we need to stop making this so intense. I apologize for the use of the word psychopath but I stand by the fact I believe that trying to understand and accept child M●●●●●ers (alleged child M●●●●●ers in this case) is a dangerous mindset. I like this fella so I'll leave it at that, my bad.
  2. I have three warning points, what does that mean? If I get three warnings do I get banned? 

    1. ShiniLight


      three stirkes means that youre out thats how i thoink it works the system used on this chat program is used elsehwere and on those other programs it is is you are rpeortd three times by a manager of straggg then you get kicked

  3. Absolutely agree with a lot of what youre saying mate keep it real

    1. JolyneKujo


      Thank you Shini. You don't need to get involved with my battles though, I can deal with people abusing power. Much love to you. ❤️

  4. I used to love them but there were too many poorly written ones coming in. There are a lot of old but gold ones like 1999 though that I love.
  5. I think people are more sensitive these days, so what you say impact them more.
  6. While it is a minority of criminals, there is no debate to your question. There are some people who genuinely feel no emotion or sympathy for others. The Jeffrey Dahmers of the world that will kill and will walk around their hotel eating pizza. These types of people cannot be convinced by anything and when a person like that does not care about the consequences then nothing can stop them. It doesn't matter who it is that appeals to these psychopath's emotions - they simply will never listen.
  7. Well done Scout for being a rational person. Shock humour is funny to a lot of people, it's just our politically correct society doesn't let people be themselves.
  8. Good question. There are definitely some people beyond redemption. There are a lot of terrible people in this world that, if not bound by law, would R●●● and murder you without a second thought. Psychopaths walk by us every day and these people that are capable of such things will never be convinced by any prison program.
  9. My most recent ex was hot but she was a thot. I can't stand for women flirting with other girls and posting provocative pictures. I didn't argue, there's no need for that, I just left. If you don't respect me enough to listen when I say I am uncomfortable with something then the relationship is dead.
  10. Would be helpful if you said what he has done wrong in the post too, otherwise it just sounds like nonsense emotional-schpiel.
  11. Humour is subjective. That's the end of the story. Your emotional responses mean nothing and whether you find it funny or not means nothing. As long as the joke does not encourage violence against others I don't really care. Racism isn't funny but I'd laugh at a well-thought-out joke about an ethnic group.
  12. I named my Gecko that passed away some years ago Baabara after the Animal Crossing sheep so it would be really nice if they brought her back. Hey, don't look at me that way, I was 7.
  13. I cannot believe the psychopath above me is trying to justify this alleged abuse. What on Earth, forget Michael, get this man Drifter on lockdown. I believe that Michael most likely did it but it can never be said that he has without a shadow of a doubt. Just because someone has not been sentenced previously does not mean it is is not still possible. I hope you all remember that semen was found on his bed, he had pseudo-s●●ual magazines of children in swimming trunks under his bed and he would frequently sleep naked with kids - it's just the s●●ual acts that have not been proven.
  14. Depends if other people are "alive" in that simulation. If it was only me that was alive and I was absolutely positive that was the case I'd rob, do immoral things and probably would kill myself ultimately. We are social beings and knowing that all your connections are meaningless would be a death sentence for most of us.
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