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  1. We all need to understand that he's gotta do what is right for him, and his loved ones. I personally don't believe any hate videos that are made of him or Kai. All the bs they've endured. Emo Charlie is right. But he knows his true fans are not the enemy. And when I can I will be a patron of he and Kai.
  2. Got the internet back *dances* 

  3. I hate this desert.. wanna go home to Fontana.. I hate Frontier internet  no one get it, takes a week to get a tech out to fix it.. meanwhile you have to pay the bill weather it works or not.

  4. His reaction videos especially when reacting to your old videos.
  5. Take a meme and show how you feel about the day I thought this would give you a chuckle 😅😂🤣
  6. 30 years ago. Me and my husband 1989


  7. Pic 1 Edlewiss (grows in the alps mainly Austria) white flower Pic 2 Red Roses(actually any color🌹) Last on Shamrocks ( I know no flower but it is a plant it grows all over especially in Ireland.)
  8. Hanging out with friends and my son. Just talking. Also video chat with my daughter.
  9. I so want out of this desert.. no one to talk to..all my family and friends live in Fontana. Most of all I miss my son. He works so much we hardly get to talk to him. It's hard to be happy when all you knew is miles away 😪

  10. Crime online and hackers who send viruses or take over your social media profiles to gain info to commit certain crime. Oh ya and the scammers too.
  11. Might be able to rent the house we lived in last year..or maybe renting a room from my best friends...either way we are going back home to Fontana..hopefully soon. 

  12. It's 77 degrees at 6:14 pm..Summer will be a triple diget summer☀☀☀

  13. Who killed the Sharps and Dana Windgate. Aka the Keddie Murders: Cabin 28. Who really killed Steven Branch,Christopher Byers and Micheal Moore..Look up either West Memphis 3 (Paradise Lost 1,2 and3 docmenteries ,if you watch them. Watch all three)
  14. @Onision you do so much for everyone who watches your channels. So thank you for making me laugh when things get rough for me 🙂
  15. Thought I would share a couple of pics of my son screaming\performing
  16. Neither was I, I was in choir and Drama class, my son's the same. .
  17. Make some practice runs.. until you feel comfortable with the camera. Once you do Do a"This my channel and welcome" video. Let your subscribers know when your going to load up.
  18. Aside from the fact that he's honest.. he's a very talented person. If I had the money I would support him on Patreon as well as YouTube.
  19. Hopefully we will be moving to a friend's in Fontana next month..

  20. I subscribed to your channel😊

    1. AnnaSantina


      aW, THANK YOU! 

      I'm just getting started so dont have a regular posting schedule but do have a couple more videos already filmed that i've been trying to edit (it takes me forever to edit because im just getting used to using the program too, etc.) 
      so i have no idea when they next vid will be up but im really trying to get into it and make videos about stuff -i- enjoy like my animals, cooking, gardening, art, ...... very domestic stuff apparently i'm like a grandma/middle aged housewife at 30 lol


  21. https://www.youtube.com/user/sheilalovesrockett If link doesn't work go look up Sheila MOTKO
  22. Life is a banquet..enjoy it.

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