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  1. My least favorite thing about the internet is how easily information can be misconstrued and misused to manipulate another's public image (whether that be for companies, celebrities, or even just regular ol' individuals). It sickens me how easily people will lie and destroy the life of someone they don't even know for even an iota of a chance of making it big. Even when I wanted to be a YouTube journalist this bothered me; part of me still wants to be a journalist for the purpose of putting out information I know is true to attempt to combat the mass quantities of bullsh!t circulating these days.
  2. Whaaaat??! I would have totally assumed it was at LEAST in the 80's! Damn. It's a dumb test imo, but I'm still shocked :0 I don't think any less of you, though. I'm autistic and have always been good at multiple choice test-taking so it's not a measure of my intelligence as much as just having a knack for narrowing down multiple choice answers, haha. If it was a written test, I would have totally bombed it tbh lmao
  3. Funko pop is in Everett, WA! I've been there and it is f●●●in amazing tbh (they have a lifesize batmobile)
  4. It's gotta be a tie between Uraraka and Aizawa! Uraraka is best girl, and Aizawa is my fave grumpy ol man haha
  5. I admire his resilience. In the face of nearly a decade of adversity, he still smiles. He still laughs. He still makes videos, and takes the piss out of himself. He grew up with f●●●ing terrible parents, and has survived that trauma. He has gone through many emotional times with exes, liars, and so much more that we probably don't know about. One of the things that led me here was realizing how much of myself I see in him. He and I are much alike, and have a lot in common, which makes it all the more inspiring to see him thrive while others are actively trying to tear him down. It's also one of the reasons I fell in love with him, despite having literally no friends that are fans of his. It took me a year to realize how I felt, which made it even funnier when I realized I was "hate"-watching his videos because I liked hearing his voice and seeing him be a goof. I would be all "man, look at this *sshole", but that was definitely a front so people wouldn't find it weird that I watched his channel (I just didn't see it at the time). The first time I realized I didn't actually hate him was when I saw his spoken word on his parents (I just spent like 20 minutes looking for it and can't find it, so maybe it's deleted). It was poignant and heart-breaking from the first sentence: "I am a child of parents who do not love me". That's me. That's my life. I was raised by a narcissistic mother, and an emotionally absent father. I was abused and hit by my mum, and s*xually abused by my older brother (which he pled guilty in court for on March 15th). My mother absolutely ignored it and refused to do anything to support me. I eventually tried to join the army reserves to get away from my family, but despite my score of 94 on the ASVAB, my health both mentally and physically were not up to the task (not to mention I became homeless shortly after turning 18, and met some unsavory people at the base in Marysville after swearing in and it was really traumatizing). For me, I actually didn't make it to bootcamp (I say "actually" because Greg was in the service for several years and did in fact complete bootcamp before becoming a conscientious objector, but people who don't pay attention think he left before), so it agitates me when people disparage Greg and say he's a "wuss" for that or whatever. Even if he didn't make it through bootcamp, that wouldn't mean he didn't have the intention to serve his country. It's a very hard and frightening choice to make, and once you're through bootcamp you're on contract, so if you're gonna leave it's best to leave BEFORE going through it then after. I admire and respect him for having gone through all of that, especially because people now use it against him. I also admire and respect him for maintaining his moral stance on taking an innocent life and choosing what he saw as right over letting the military turn him into a lemming-meathead-killing-machine. Not to say that's what all military members are, but to kill for the sake of killing just because you were told to is... Morally questionable at best. ... My answer ended up being long, oof. 😅 I'm gonna stop here before I act even gayer than I am already being. TL;DR: Felix has the Big Gay and thinks Greg is a cool and relatable dude. 10/10, would rate 5 stars on Amazon.
  6. Being nonbinary and inters●●, I am... a tad offput by your stance. There literally are not only two biological genders, and to imply as such is ignoring biology and science. It isn't a "viewpoint", it's a fact. I feel the reason people react negatively towards you is because you are making the active choice to speak over not only other people's lived experience, but scientific truths that are not simply opinions. I don't care how you identify religiously or politically, (even if I find identifying with right-wing politics repugnant) but I will say that the reason for the vitriol in those regards is much of the same: People who actually know what they're talking about don't really like when people who don't know what they're talking about try to imply their opinion is more important/valid than literal facts. I was born inbetween. You thinking that there are only two s●●es will never change the fact that I am (and many others are) an inters●● person. I don't hate you, I'm not mad, and I would totally be chill with watching anime with you. However, you need to accept that your "opinion" on scientific facts is not only invalid, but by default intolerant in nature. You can't say you "accept all people" and then ignore a plethora of human beings' existence. That's oxymoronic. That said, I still hope you have a nice day, and that you don't take my bluntness as rude. You said you wanted opinions, so I gave mine 🤗
  7. Awwwh! Geez, I'm so sorry! It can be really upsetting to accidentally hurt your furbabies, but it's worse when they are wary afterwards 😢 It'll be okay though, I'm sure she still knows you love her and is just being careful ♡♡♡
  8. It feels good to be a gangsta *dadadadada, it's the one and only D-O-Double-G (Snoop Dogg!!)*

  9. For the longest time, I struggled to figure out what I believed in. Identifying as Christian, wiccan/pagan, and agnostic. I've very recently been coming to the realization that I have always felt a need to defer myself to a higher power, but I had never thought about why. Why am I letting some mysterious entity that may not even exist run my life? The only person who has control over my life is me, so why not give myself credit and control over my own destiny? Realizing that has been life-shifting. Nothing has necessarily changed, but my perspective on my life has colored everything in a different hue. I can choose what happens in my life, I can make my own decisions, and I can craft my own destiny. It feels amazing to give myself that power, to acknowledge my own role in the direction of my life. Do I want to be happy? Then do what makes me happy. Do I want to feel accepted? Then accept myself. Do I want to feel loved and whole? Then allow myself to cherish every part of me, and let those parts flourish and grow into something beyond what I could have ever dreamed. Deciding for myself feels more fulfilling than trying to appease a mystery ghost ever has. I don't have to submit myself to something I'm not even sure is there. Even if there is something out there, they haven't done enough in my life to earn such reverence from me, so I would much rather revere myself. Some may see that as a bit narcissistic, but I see it more as having the self-esteem to put myself first. I recently got a job as a Game Master at a puzzle escape room, and the only person who did that for me was myself. I have myself and my abilities to thank for it, not some "god" or diety. It feels so good to know my lived experiences and ingenuity were able to get me a job I wanted! When I prayed and begged some kind of higher power to help me, I was stuck going nowhere. I wasn't getting jobs, I wasn't growing, and I wasn't getting better. Getting better started when I took control for myself and gave myself the reigns in my own life. I look forward to taking even more steps towards my future, and I have myself to thank for that. That feels absolutely amazing. So, TL;DR, worship and praise yourself. A diety isn't the one living your life, you are. You deserve credit and respect for that! It isn't a bad thing to love yourself and have respect for your own capability. It doesn't make you selfish to take credit for your own achievements. So take the reigns, take control, and kick life's ass. Love y'all ;-* *boob squeeze*
  10. Perhaps you should talk to a doc if you're having issues with concentration! Either that or it's stress-related, which is also always worth checking out (stress can cause a myriad of mental and health problems) I believe in you, though!! You can do this!
  11. I'm still glad your mum said something/gave a S●●● enough to talk to you, though! When I came out to my mum about my anorexia, she (no joke) looked me in the eye and said "Well, at least you're losing weight!" So like... at least it wasn't that lmao
  12. I want to be better, because I want my life to mean something. I want more of a reason for existing than "well, they were born". I dream of a future self who has made an impact on the lives of those around them.
  13. Feeling terrified and helpless as I go to an animal ER in Auburn because my cat started sneezing and choking. I have an interview tomorrow but I'm so broke it isn't funny.
  14. Thank youuuu that is so kind ♡ I appreciate you!
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