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  1. raebluume

    I didn't know where else to post this...

  2. raebluume

    I didn't know where else to post this...

  3. Does anyone else go to sleep and then feel a sudden "falling" feeling and burst awake? Does anyone know the cause of this?
  4. raebluume

    Eating Animals

    I don't see an issue with other people eating meat (everyone is free to make their own choices in life) but I always tell people about a vegetarian diet when the chance occurs and the help it brings to the body and Earth.
  5. I think a what I eat in a day would be interesting to watch from you. Something like vegetarian recipes would be cool to watch too.
  6. raebluume

    Favorite Laineybot Video?

    I would have to say this one only because I was in it for like 5 seconds and I fangirled so hard when I got a, “100%” 😭😂
  7. raebluume


    Yes and he just put out a new one, glass brother. It was awesome.
  8. raebluume

    What phone do you use?

    IPhone, one of the recentish ones. I used to be android til I made the switch and now I’ll never go back
  9. raebluume

    What created us? What is your religion?

    I’ve never looked up what agnostic means, but now that I have - yeah, makes sense. Thanks
  10. raebluume

    Whats your favorite anime?

    Top 3 favorites for me: Sword Art Online (introduced me to anime and how truly amazing it is). Your Lie In April (sappy love story and IT IS SO GOOD I RECOMMEND). Tokyo Ghoul (this is my all time favorite and recommend too). I think anime needs good animation and storyline to be good.
  11. raebluume

    What Is Your Favorite Band?

    Maroon 5 (favorite since a kid), Issues (favorite since high school) and right now I’m really into Billie Eilish and Post Malone. *forgets to add why I like them* M5 has always sounded so smooth and I’ve always loved their lyrics. Issues was a good mix of screamo, softs, with good lyrics so I love them for that. Billie’s music and lyrics sound new to me and I like her style. Posty is just A WHOLE BOP.
  12. raebluume

    What are you addicted to?

    Same here
  13. raebluume


    Positive affirmations and meditation. ☺️
  14. raebluume

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    I have double jointed elbows. Not as cool as it sounds 😂 but people always get creeped out when I show them. (It is kinda like extending you arms while putting your hands flat on the wall and then turning them upside down).
  15. raebluume

    What Is Your Diet?

    Vegetarian ☺️ I’ve been vegan for a fair amount of time as well, but my veggie burgers cried without their cheese 😂

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