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  1. Hi Onision! Just a quick question, would you ever consider doing a meet and greet for your patreons ? If so, how far across the world would you go/like to go if you could? If not then that's cool too, I know meet and greets aren't that simple ! Thanks !
  2. So I heard about this through onision's stream which I saw earlier today on youtube and so I looked into it. I want to know how everyone else thinks about this. I personally find it very disgusting and disturbing, however I don't believe it happened - a cat wouldnt stay in that position for one , but it doesn't condone the fact that what he said was very very wrong. I understand offensive jokes and such, but the way it was said and /what/ was said is just very weird and creepy. It wasn't played out like the typical "offensive" joke that you hear. It makes me wonder what goes through his head, I for one wouldn't even get that image into my head. Let alone think it's OKAY to talk and laugh about it. Idk people are weird dude, but it's people that are in the public eye as an influencer you need to worry about. Let me know what you think!
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. Hey there all! I'm new here and I'm really enjoying the site and all the people in it! I just thought I'd make a little introduction of myself in hopes to find new cool people to make friends with! So hi! I'm Erin, I'm a 20 y/o female who loves to chat to others about cool topics! Or I'm happy to talk to people if they need a person to listen to them about anything! Would love to meet new people so hit me up! Really happy to be in such a welcoming and friendly community ! 🙂
  5. For sure ! Same to you too! Would love to make new friends ! ^^
  6. Thank you so much !! ❤️
  7. Thank you so much! Much love!
  8. My account has just been approved today! So hi to all! Happy to be here !
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