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  1. I fell in love so hard for a person on plenty of fish and he took advantage of me in every way possible. I was so jaded. I deleted all dating apps once I was able to get rid of him.. Which wasn't an easy task. I too could share some horror stories. Maybe we should start a thread of some cautionary tales! Our experiences could potentially help others.
  2. Thank you guys for your responses! ♥ I just needed to emotionally vent!
  3. I have dated a few people from dating sites and they've all ended terribly. I think it's because I too am an introvert and value my privacy. Where as the people I tend to attract want drama and too much attention. At this point I'm just sticking to my high standards and if I find my perfect person, they'll be just that.... Perfect ♥
  4. I'll be thirty this year and I am single. This isn't me vying for attention or a "woe is me" moment. I'm just worried I've missed my chance at love because of societal standards. I feel like people are expected to be a certain way and look a certain way, and if I try to conform in any way I'll look like that uncool mom at a party or something. Maybe I'm just having a midlife crisis or something... I dunno... I just still want to be loved and hope it isn't too late for me...
  5. For me, the most important thing is trust. Trust blossoms into healthy communication skills and great sex. 😄
  6. My mother and my daughter. They are two of the most amazing ladies I've ever known. I'm truly blessed to have been raised by an amazingly strong and smart woman and in turn be able to raise my daughter the same way.
  7. I identify as nonbinary, but more feminine than masc. My pronouns are they/them but I don't mind her/she. As far as a partner goes, if I'm attracted to you, then that's my type. I have no personal preference and just follow my heart. I've dated cis men and cis women in the past, so that's my comfort zone. However, the older I get, the more open minded I've become. I'd be willing to date anyone, any gender, any sexuality, as long as we vibe. ✌ ♥
  8. Anyone else miss MySpace and how much simpler things were then, in regards to social media?

    RaWr XD


    1. AmazingDiana


      Yes. I remember. Life seemed way more simple. 

    2. LizzyAnn


      It was more fun too. I didn't feel pressured to be a certain way.

  9. Are you alright? Was there actually an active shooter? How are things on your end? We're here to support you.
  10. Poly is so much more work than people seem to think it is. It takes very strong and supportive people to make it work. I was in a poly relationship for a while, and although I loved every minute of it, the other female became jealous and I respected her decision and left. I was heartbroken and still feel a bit jaded by it. So, just know, they aren't sunshine and rainbows. It's a relationship. It takes even more work because you have two people to make happy. They're a beautiful dynamic, but they're not for everyone, it's not easy, and it's not as Shakespeare as you'd think. Just offering some much unsolicited advice. Love you all! Xo Liz
  11. Took a few days off, but now I'm back. How are all you lovelies? ♥ 

  12. I actually really enjoy all Kai's content. I know, I know, it's a cop out of an answer, but true. 🙂
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