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  1. I'm agnostic. Kinda don't know and kinda don't care.
  2. My head really hurts, I feel kinda emotional, and if anyone can just spread their positivity to me, that would be amazing ❤️

  3. He's a great guy who deserves the best and I hope I stay in this community for a while. He has matured throughout the years and yet his personality has always stayed consistent. I respect his decision to not show his personal life anymore and if he's happy then that's good.
  4. I just really don't like the idea of someone being put into jail and getting the death sentence and all these things just for having an abortion. I'm pro choice, so that's just how I see things.
  5. My mental health story is very, very long haha. I think I've had it since I was very small because my family would always tell me to lose weight and my mother had really bad anger issues that caused a lot of emotional trauma I still go through. I started self harming when I was about 8 and it only got worse. I met some people along the way that didn't help my mental illnesses and it was just a big mess. My whole family gets plastic surgery, goes on diets, and for the longest time put me on diets and put me in sports so that I could lose weight. I developed an eating disorder (anorexia) and became severely underweight to the point I almost had a heart attack. I was hospitalized for a few months and when I got out, I was still underweight but not as much and I hated how I looked. I ended up trying to kill myself a few times and was hospitalized at least 4 times for suicide attempts. However, it's been one year since I've been hospitalized, I'm going to start going to therapy again (I stopped going a few months ago due to money) and I'm genuinely trying to be kinder to myself. From 2017-2018 I went on a kind of binge spree and gained a lot of weight, but I am now at a healthy weight and trying to fight the urge to listen to my eating disorder thoughts. My biggest struggle would have to be looking in the mirror and hating what I see and always being triggered by the comments made by others about me. I try coping with it by surrounding myself with positivity and trying not to push the people who love me away. Longggg story short, I'm a mess and have gone through a lot and still am going through a lot but I am working on it.
  6. I like my lips and my eye color ((:
  7. Don't contact him!! He is not worth it and if you start, it might be harder to stop talking. It's best to just completely forget and move on and be the bigger person. He does not need your sympathy or your acknowledgment.
  8. Welcome to the forums 😃🦉

  9. Talk to them, be there, hold them, stay with them, make sure they know you will be there for them no matter what, and care about them as much as you can. Don't leave them and help them grow in themselves as well as helping yourself.
  10. Although I have insecurity about my body, I guess I do like the color of my eyes and my lips. More people should do this cause it can help. You are valid and deserve the best.
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