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  1. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ 😍
  2. I'll try and keep things short simple in order to avoid overwhelming sap....but I just want to thank Onision for -- well -- being himself. It's so refreshing to see someone be unapologetically themselves. As someone who struggles with some pretty low self-esteem and massive insecurities, you are an absolute inspiration to just accept who I am and own it (obviously fix my negative traits, but still). Thank you for providing me with helpful information, inspiration, and a much needed laugh over the years. ❤️ You absolutely rock.
  3. Feels good to be back! 🙂

  4. I purchased a disposable vape for a friend (she's an adult too but she couldn't find her card so I just bought it for her) recently and I got accused of having a fake ID and I think that's when I started debating whether or not my friends were being truthful about my baby face. 😂🤣
  5. Thank you for the honesty ❤️! And hey, good to know I can turn it into a more positive thing. 😜
  6. Thank you! ❤️
  7. So I get told often that I have a very young face (I turn 21 in like a month) and occasionally get mistaken for a young high school student. I don't think having a young face is bad by any means, but sometimes my friends are like "Noooooo you TOTALLYYYY don't have a baby face", and I just want an honest opinion. Do I look my age or do I have that good ol' baby face?
  8. I care deeply for people and love helping/taking care of them; even if it means to be brutally honest with them and hurt their feelings. I get called the "mom friend" a lot due to how much I try and look/care after my friends and loved ones, but hey, I wear that title proudly.
  9. I am so glad I joined this community! You guys rock! ❤️
  10. You guys are the absolute sweetest ❤️
  11. I'm a cis-woman and bis●●ual; but I lean more towards men for romantic relationships.
  12. Well, I went with the majority and got bangs again -- however, the lady kinda butchered my hair : ' ). I low-key have a mullet now and my bangs are S●●●ty but I guess I could look worse. Just gotta stay positive about it (or at least try to.) Thanks again everyone ,and I'll try to make the most of it! ❤️
  13. You look fantastic!!! ❤️
  14. Thanks! I wasn't entirely sure if I had the face for short hair AND bangs, but they were certainly fun to style!
  15. Hello, everyone! I'm trying to determine if I want to get bangs again or just let my hair continue to grow out. So I decided to ask here for some opinions. (I know my hair is a different color in the bang picture -- it's from when I dyed my hair green and it was fading. While the other picture is my natural hair color.) So, should I just let my hair keep growing or get bangs again? I know my hair is pretty short, which can make pulling off bangs difficult, but I figured I'd ask. ^^
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