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  1. I have a crooked big toe on my left foot, it's why I walk weird and like drag my feet xD literally can't help it~ would have to break the bone and re-fix it for it to be facing the "correct" way but meh hasn't bothered me too much - although I'm pretty sure it makes me an alien
    The book, "This is Why I Hate You," put a lot of real world problems in an interesting perspective but also 360's into lighthearted topics as well; Overall, it's nice seeing that even if a coin does have two sides.. you wouldn't have a full story.. without those things~ Had a tiny bit of grammar-errors but as being this is some of the authors first works (of many wonderful more to come) I felt myself wanting to see more from this view; rather than, how it all summed up. That being said "..Why I hate you" became very clear and that alone~ gave it a nice ending tone for me. It made it easy- to look past the few hiccups. ^_^ 8/8 creativity: felt like the idea was displayed the way the author intended 7/8 grammar: Like I said before; wasn't the worst but I feel like it needed 1 or 2 more polishes 8/8 development: there is a concrete arch or change in tone that's seen in the people but a nice balance of good subtle things that stay the same 8/8 emotions: seeing the sides of the coin really hit here and I felt myself feeling things the other characters felt along with them 8/8 content/quality: personally I found the overall story fun/ interesting was an easy read and action-packed~
  2. you get to be with someone you love and not someone society wants for yourself
  3. I'm addicted to League of Legends- that game could fund college for me ~ LOL
  4. hey I wish my name was Kyle but yo it's McFly I like eating pizza and my fave thing is music~ hmu I like frands~ ❤️ also enjoy this lovely .gif I added ~
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