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  1. honestly I just like fishing~ This game gives me hope- it's so fun oh muh gosh
  2. Thanks so much!! great advice !
  3. oh geeze I hope it doesn't last me THAT long lol
  4. help me; what can I do to slow the process before it becomes full blown cold/flu ??
  5. idgaf I still want more asmr videos (dont @ me lol) or those weird videos where you burn Sā—ā—ā—. (it for-fills my pyromaniac tendencies without me burning my house down :^)) šŸ™
  6. some people wanna get rich but they have no talent so they just judge already popular people to leech their way to victory.. it's pretty sad
  7. I prefer pizza- I'm the pizzaqueeeeen~ šŸ•
  8. on and off since 9th grade with with dude for about 9-10 years - prolly good that it's over now
  9. I GET ULTRA MAD AND PULL MY PLEDGE THEN TWEET ABOUT IT FOR 3 DAYS - I'm just kidding that's stupid- being offensive is funny - it's why I love south park :^)
  10. spent a whole year "dating a dude" even thoughh hes an alcoholic I stayed with him but eventually he cheated on me and dumped me for her... x_x (she ended up breaking up with him) he blocked me on discord after the conversation below...but I thought it was funny because the last thing he texted to me was "YOU'RE TRASH" (this was WAYY after we broke up, we were in this weird "let's still be friends phase"... that was a lie lol) (He texted it to me right after he kicked me from his discord server >_>)
  11. I have a crooked big toe on my left foot, it's why I walk weird and like drag my feet xD literally can't help it~ would have to break the bone and re-fix it for it to be facing the "correct" way but meh hasn't bothered me too much - although I'm pretty sure it makes me an alien
    The book, "This is Why I Hate You," put a lot of real world problems in an interesting perspective but also 360's into lighthearted topics as well; Overall, it's nice seeing that even if a coin does have two sides.. you wouldn't have a full story.. without those things~ Had a tiny bit of grammar-errors but as being this is some of the authors first works (of many wonderful more to come) I felt myself wanting to see more from this view; rather than, how it all summed up. That being said "..Why I hate you" became very clear and that alone~ gave it a nice ending tone for me. It made it easy- to look past the few hiccups. ^_^ 8/8 creativity: felt like the idea was displayed the way the author intended 7/8 grammar: Like I said before; wasn't the worst but I feel like it needed 1 or 2 more polishes 8/8 development: there is a concrete arch or change in tone that's seen in the people but a nice balance of good subtle things that stay the same 8/8 emotions: seeing the sides of the coin really hit here and I felt myself feeling things the other characters felt along with them 8/8 content/quality: personally I found the overall story fun/ interesting was an easy read and action-packed~
  12. you get to be with someone you love and not someone society wants for yourself
  13. I'm addicted to League of Legends- that game could fund college for me ~ LOL
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