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  1. Okay so this just happened and I am SO embarrassed! I am in New Zealand and my Aunts are in Australia. Yesterday I went to a doctors appointment and on my way back my aunt tried to call me from Australia. I sent her a text saying "Heya sorry phone is dying....Love you heaps and apologies xx" I was afraid she'd be a bit mad so I followed up with a text saying I have job interviews and stuff. Today I went to call her back between classes and T E L L M E W H Y there was an automated message saying "thanks for calling job I applied for". I frantically apologized and because it's a job involving calling and I'm so so so nervous and embarrassed! This was not the best first impression and I am feeling all crumpled up about it. I'm going to seize the day with optimism!! I was wondering if you guys had any work stories to share or any job interview advice. They make me so nervous and I'm a bit of an anxious person, but once I get out and into the job I think I do really well. Thank you!!
  2. What is your favourite remix of a video game soundtrack you like? 🙂
  3. My boyfriend and I started going out when I was fourteen and now we're going on six years 🙂 My first relationship too!
  4. This is hella cliche but I really wanna go to Japan. I've only ever been to Australia (And I'm in New Zealand) so I'd want to go somewhere really exotic - but my bf doesn't want me to go because he thinks I'll get assaulted. I just think there is so much culture and crazy and unique places there and I would love to be apart of that world. I guess I'm just a weeb, and that's okay ^_^ Germany sounds cool! The food would be so interesting too!
  5. Vampire Hunter D from 1985.I just found the plot so confusing haha. And not to be too rude but the film is just so janky and hard to watch.
  6. That's so cool! Yeah music is brilliant and it's always nice to go back. ^_^
  7. Hey guys! Interested to hear what bands you liked from eons ago! Also! How did they influence you today? e,g. I was a big fan of Black Veil Brides and Bring me the Horizon - But now I'm more into indie music as the years went by (acoustics and such). Black Veil Brides taught me to be okay with being different and stuff and made me not give too much of a damn of what people thought. Also helped me feel more comfortable within myself and feel like I could express myself creatively and even now I feel I can deal with things a little easier. The music gives me mad nostalgia and I am so grateful to have had listened to such positive music. It also taught me about making the right friends and to be with whoever is comfortable with you doing what you like to do and not just who tolerates you. (Also hello 🙂 It's my first post and I'm a little nervous!! Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong so I can correct myself sorry)
  8. (I'm new so please forgive me if I'm doing this wrong (>__<")) If you aren't too bound to dietary restrictions like Veganism I HIGHLY recommend mixing a drink with Apple juice, Lemon juice, Honey and Ginger! It's getting cold here in NZ and I'm starting to get a cold too but the drink I have is by The Homegrown Juice Company and it's saved me every time 🙂 plus it's delicious and it gives you this burning in your throat when you drink it that instantly helps! Best of luck with your cold though! I hope it gets better quickly!
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