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  1. Silent Hill!! 2 is my fav (there's a fan mod coming out this week which upgrades the graphics and gives the PC remaster the PS2 voices among other things so I'll have to play it when it's out). I also adore the Arkham series and can't wait for Rocksteady's new game! For indie games I really like Papers Please and the developer's recent game Tech Support Error Unknown. Graveyard Know is super fun and cute as well
  2. I really love the videos where they do gymnastics. Kai has such happiness in their eyes whenever they talk about their past and when they are able to do any of the tricks they used to do. I used to do gymnastics too, never as good as Kai but I totally still get the nostalgia for it. It truly never leaves you. I hope they have more opportunities to make and do more gymnastic things!
  3. Jinxxx

    Age of Comedians

    An absolute legend who deserves so much respect in the industry
  4. Jinxxx

    Age of Comedians

    John Cleese is old as hell and he's still comedy gold. I find older comedians to be better anyways. They've moved on from basic/easy jokes to smarter comedy. It can still be crass and low brow, but the punchline and the buildup are just better in my opinion because they've had more practice with their craft and time to grow and learn new things. You need time to evolve, some 20 year old comedian has only grown by a few years while you'd expect a 30+ year old to have grown a lot more. Again, not grown above or too "mature" for some subjects, just they can make more creative jokes with those subjects and have learned to joke about new ones too
  5. Really though!! On that note, I'm excited for the new port of P.T. being released haha. I didn't get to play it before Konami took it down and keep missing the ports before they're taken down (except one which simply didn't work). I really wish Silent Hills was still being made but thankfully at least Kojima isn't done making games. One day we'll get the epic Guillermo del Toro and Kojima collaboration, at least for now del Toro has a character in the game
  6. Are you using Chrome? I've had some issues with the browser recently. Also check the quality of the videos that are working vs the quality on the Onision channels. I've run into this on a few channels before and simply switching the browser helped. And once it was because the channel started uploading in 2040p60fps which my school computer couldn't handle haha
  7. Thanks ❤️ Thankfully not too many people are posting stuff on my replies but it still shocked me by how fast I encountered this
  8. Froppy! She's even my Twitter pic
  9. Here's a s●●y Quiet Overwatch cosplay fanart as a gift back! And Tifa 😍
  10. I debated using Kaa or Solid/liquid snake so I'm glad you did!! (Side note, him being voiced by the original Winnie the Pooh voice actor scared me as a child xD)
  11. I agree, sometimes mother's will freak out over any small amount of decrease in appetite even if you're someone who should be eating less. Try and make sure your mother isn't influencing the therapist and with time I'm sure they'll be able to figure out if you have any issues or not. And of course, make sure to listen to your therapist, they have a way of knowing you better than you know yourself sometimes In the meantime, if you do start dieting remember that you shouldn't neglect your micronutrients and you can get them all even if you do eat less. The easiest thing is simply to cut out simple sugars and snacking when you just feel like eating as opposed to being hungry (or just don't snack and eat at your meals). One thing I would recommend (I suggested this to a friend and it worked) is to search your BMR for your theoretical goal weight (and make sure that goal weight is within the healthy BMI range) and eat for that BMR. You won't lose weight as quickly as you would with a crash diet but it will teach you how to eat for that size and is much healthier than fasting or eating salads alone (many end up eating how they were before after a diet and just gaining it all back). And of course, make sure to eat a lot of fiberous and vegetables. Be sure to drink your water too, it helps with the fiber and is good for the body too (and sometimes between meals the body thinks it's hungry when it's actually thirsty). These should make you feel full for longer which can be helpful when adjusting to your new and hopefully permanent change to your eating habits. At the end of the day, I wish you well and wish you luck. If you ever need to talk to anyone we're all here for you (⌒▽⌒)
  12. I love the honesty too, don't hold back for anyone's sake. You're you and true fans will like you for who you are no matter what! If anyone is too prudish for you then they can go back to Jake Paul haha
  13. Tell them the things they need to hear. These may not be the things they want to hear but it's better if they do. Honesty is key in any relationship and if you want your friend/partner to thrive, they need to be helped to stay on the right path
  14. I disagree with your first movie, The Room is a classic my dear friend
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