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  1. Ooh, I loved the timbits at Tim Hortons last time I visited Canada! You're so lucky you have them!!! As for my favourite restaurant, there's this small vegan place a bit of a ways from my place (and really expensive haha) but it's so tasty. I actually like trying to reverse engineer how they make their recipes so I can eat them for cheaper. Tonight I'm trying to create their raw vegan lasagna. It's got basically no calories though so I'm going to have to eat it with something else so I can get all the great vitamins from the lasagna as well as some substance to keep me going. Probably some vegan burgers just to make it easy for myself since the lasagna will take some time haha I also like the various authentic Chinese restaurants around town (usually run by older new immigrants), if you're vegetarian or vegan though you need to be careful. I once got a tofu dish with no mention of it having meat and when I got it it was almost entirely minced pork with like five pieces of tofu 😂. The authentic places are great but some of the old folks don't really know much about the vegan/vegetarian movement so they don't think to mention meat in dishes on the menu sometimes (can also be an issue for Muslim and Jewish people trying to avoid pork). I don't give them bad reviews though, they're always so sweet and just trying to get by in America. I just have to be more careful about asking if there is any meat in their dishes, even if it seems like there isn't any
  2. Oh really? That's a shame, spouting out harmless conspiracies can be fun. But I think this is one of the few places I'll actually accept YouTube's policy. Some conspiracies are quite harmful and it's easier to just blanket demote them on the search algorithm. Than try and sift through all conspiracy videos uploaded to YouTube to see which ones are harmful and which ones are not Imean, there was that whole awful Shane Dawson "conspiracy" theory a while back where he claimed that Chucky Cheese reuses old pizzas that his fans went crazy about and actually harassed the employees about. Honestly I was surprised they didn't sue Shane cause it likely actually affected their money with the lie and those poor employees didn't deserve to be yelled at by a bunch on of immature Shane fans. I don't expect that sort of thing to come from us Onision fans, but one bad apple ruins the bunch as they say. Well, two if we include Alex Jones, way more if we include anti-vaxxers haha
  3. Yeah, especially when you think of 90s s●●y aesthetics. Smoking, wearing a tight pair of pants or a tight, short skirt while riding a motorbike at high speeds without a helmet Nicholas Cage smoking as he puts a bomb together on the roof of a building dressed as a priest before singing hallelujah and grabbing a choir girl's butt... Usual dangerous/s●●y stuff ... I may have just rewatched Face-Off
  4. I do say, potato-based comedy has been totally underutilized in our time
  5. I think it does make it more appropriate as Mads is playing a villain. Especially taking into account that smoking is one of his personal vices. It is sad that something deadly like smoking can look s●●y, but I guess to a degree there are many s●●y things in media which would probably harm or kill you in real life. I mean, there's no way some of the proportions on many female characters isn't painful in some way to their backs, and I don't think heels are the best idea to fight crime in. Not to mention I've seen characters shown as bruised or bloodied to be "s●●y" too. Supernatural has many scenes with Sam drinking demon blood as pretty s●●y, but, well, I don't think drinking blood is exactly safe haha I guess what it comes down to at the end of the day is to make sure you don't just do things characters in media do just cause it looks cool or s●●y. And I really don't want to not see flawed characters, good or evil, in media. Humans are more interesting when they're multi-dimensional
  6. I will add, while I am living a vegetarian lifestyle, I do still appreciate when meat eaters call out animal abuse. I think regardless of who you are, I'm glad the animal abuser is being exposed as a terrible person or potentially have been reported to animal protective services to get their animal to safety I'd rather those people move onto being vegan/vegetarian, but at least they are doing something good. And hey, maybe by them reading more animal abuse cases (and eventually reading about factory farming), they'll start to switch to a meat-free life as well. That's how one of my friends became vegan. Well, that and me showing her how easy and cheap it can be, provided you eat the proper foods (which is an issue meat eaters suffer as well). Plus if course the fact that vegans must supplement for vitamin B12 which unfortunately some of the shadier vegan YouTubers don't mention (but those are usually the ones who within two years stop being vegan while claiming it was unhealthy for them because they didn't try and eat healthy)
  7. I once visited my cousins in Canada. They told me that in Toronto (where we were) women are allowed to be shirtless just like men are. However the no shoes, no shirt, no service rule still applies so pretty much no one, men or women, are ever shirtless except at beaches. Men do ride their bikes shirtless but I think few women would do that simply based on comfort levels
  8. What do you guys think of this? I'm not exactly keen on the glamorisation of smoking, but I love how confident and open Kojima is with his appreciation for men's attractiveness. It's nice to see his games have both attractive/s●●y men and woman. He's one of those developers who can actually make the claim that his games are equal opportunity when it comes to s●●ualization of his characters and I'm living for it
  9. My sleep schedule can mess up real fast unfortunately. Especially if I'm playing video games close to bed. Since I've moved out from my parents house a few months ago it's been pretty bad sometimes haha. Thankfully I was able to get into an online university so I don't need to worry about my sleep too much (at least until I get a job xD)
  10. This makes my heart swell with joy. I wish her all the best in the world. I'm glad people were finally able to get her the help she needed. She's got a long battle ahead of her but I know she can do it. She's a strong and wonderful woman
  11. Love, you need to get some lower/more comfortable heels haha Misa from Death Note wears heels that are high without much actual slant on your feet so ones like these are quite comfortable to walk around in (Side note, I need a pair like these as well as an entire Misa outfit haha)
  12. I get that they're trying to show that their sandal is strong enough to be bent like that without destroying it and that it's flexible enough for hiking but really? No one needs one that can bend that far. And if my foot got bent that far, the last thing on my mind would be hoping my shoes survived haha
  13. I think unless there is a serious medical issue (some boys are born with their skin badly attached which could cause tearing the first time they get hard), it should 100% be up to the boy. There are benefits and concequences for circumcision and that's up to the person whose body is affected by it. I don't think parents should decide permanent affects on a child's body except in situations where they have no choice (no time for the kid to get older and decide for themselves)
  14. I like people with striking features and I've found people of different races have unique versions of "striking" features. For Spanish and Middle Eastern people it tends to be the eyes and eyebrows for example, white people seems to be the more angular/strong bone structure (especially on men like Onision for example), darker skinned people can be as dark as the night, lighter people can be as pale as a sheet of paper, etc. The race doesn't matter at all to me but there are so many unique things to appreciate that differs between races in their looks. Different races also bring new things to experience from Saint Patrick's Day to Holi to Chinese New Year to Carnaval. No reason for me, emotional or physical, to have a preference for one race over another
  15. I think shaming in any form is bad, but there are real health concerns when you are obese. If it's someone you don't know it's not your business obviously and a person being overweight doesn't mean you can jump to conclusions. But if it's someone you love I do think it's in their best interest that you talk with them honestly. There is certainly a way to do it without judging them or shaming them and if they're overeating due to mental health issues you can help them get help, or hell, help them learn new eating and cooking habits because some people just weren't taught before they lived on their own. Some people do need tough love but there's still ways to do that without shaming them and they might be upset but they should realise this comes from love and not prejudice. I'd rather tough love be their wakeup call rather than a health scare. Especially as many don't see any major complications until they hit their thirties when it might be too late or difficult to make changes in lifestyle. Still possible, but much harder to learn (it's also easier to prevent type 2 diabetes than to reverse it afterwards if it's caused by dietary sugars/starches) Of course this is totally unrelated to just being a bit bigger or a little chubby which is why I mentioned obesity specifically
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