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  1. GothicRains

    Anime theme

    Yes but I like this one too!
  2. GothicRains

    What Is The Craziest Thing You've Done?

    Actually when I was a little girl my friend's invited me over to a slumber party. we practices" as light as a feather and as stiff as a board" some pagan ritual. then ran naked down a busy Street in the Valley area of California. And no I'm not ashamed! we were goofing off. 🤣
  3. GothicRains


    Yesssss I love all the above! My favorite is bubble baths, candles and Victoria secrets comfy pajama pants. Also I love the sound of rain so I open up a window or patio door slightly to get fresh air in especially when it rains. Actually I love to go out in the rain like all the time. I don't own an umbrella. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Awesome bananas
  4. GothicRains

    Anime theme

    I think your forum should be anime costume themes or characters, not Mario brothers costume themes. Like a samurai or something similar. Even death note would be awesome. Just something to consider, Thanks.
  5. GothicRains


    I wanted to discuss a topic on self-care and wellness. What do you choose for relaxation and wellness? Distressing and self-esteem. Any spa, treatment, exercise activities that promote good health and stable mental health. Dealing with disorders and traumas, Letting toxins go. 🙂

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