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  1. I always expected a boob squeeze lolz 🤣 and you always deliver. I like un oh bro because it's a lil crazy. Thanks for making me laugh all the time..
  2. Let it out.. everyone has to cry sometimes. Don't hold it in its alright we all do it.
  3. I used to be a fan of as a young kid of Bill Nye the science Guy. a lot of young kids know who he is and I became an even bigger fan of him as an adult when I heard him say in order for people of the human race on Earth to find intelligence we have to look to look on Mars. Lolz it's not that I think that people can't be smart on Earth, it just shows you how much evolution we still have yet to come. That is if politicians don't destroy the planet first.
  4. I think the government started off as "we the people"! then we have these lame ass presidents that wish they were dictators. they take the power away from the civilians. No one person should have that power!
  5. Screw Micheal J he was a real child perv. And not a nice person. I met his wife Lisa Marie.. total snob they are worth a sinx pince (meaning a cent) not cool people..
  6. Oh one more thing I think that social media is great for advertising and Business sales. This spring I'll be working on the doing clothing and interior design. I'm excited!
  7. I think in all social media is positive if you choose the websites and subscriptions. I currently deleted my Facebook account due to an Ex- boyfriend and a Instagram for privacy reasons. I probably will get new accounts. It's important to change passwords and be aware of bad ideas on the internet.
  8. Okay so I like that song too.. isn't that the one where they are all covered in shaving cream..that was so funny!
  9. Oops why? I like angry rant songs with Onision. Lolz, is this not your favorite 🙂
  10. Also I told you I like this one
  11. I love "know one will remember your name" cuz I was put in my place when I heard you say it. Lol 😂
  12. You are duh you know that. I can't link all Emo Charlie uploads are I could but now I'm starting to like Rod Danger your obviously the best
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