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  1. No I don't think that a person who suffers from mental issues should date someone who doesn't understand or suffer the same. How can a person relate to the mentally Ill person ? What could they have in common? I'm always happy and relaxed, just my personality trait I wouldn't know how to deal..too be honest 🙂
  2. Here's me... I'm so random 😆 I prefer to date white guys. I had a girlfriend but only online. She was Caucasian. I guess I'm not normal. I'm a (Spanish/ white) black) obviously inexperienced girl so maybe that's why it's so random 😂 or odd for me to say that. In college I dated a Hawaiian/ black guy 😞 didn't work out he was into smoking weed which I hated. Ew 😞 I dated a Greek guy when I went to Europe for my 21st birthday. It was so awesome..crush on
  3. Some weeks it's Hulu, Netflix or streaming music on YouTube. I don't have Facebook ☚ī¸ but thought about it. Deleted my Twitter account...not very good at tweets lolz.
  4. I always expected a boob squeeze lolz đŸ¤Ŗ and you always deliver. I like un oh bro because it's a lil crazy. Thanks for making me laugh all the time..
  5. Let it out.. everyone has to cry sometimes. Don't hold it in its alright we all do it.
  6. I used to be a fan of as a young kid of Bill Nye the science Guy. a lot of young kids know who he is and I became an even bigger fan of him as an adult when I heard him say in order for people of the human race on Earth to find intelligence we have to look to look on Mars. Lolz it's not that I think that people can't be smart on Earth, it just shows you how much evolution we still have yet to come. That is if politicians don't destroy the planet first.
  7. I think the government started off as "we the people"! then we have these lame ass presidents that wish they were dictators. they take the power away from the civilians. No one person should have that power!
  8. Screw Micheal J he was a real child perv. And not a nice person. I met his wife Lisa Marie.. total snob they are worth a sinx pince (meaning a cent) not cool people..
  9. Oh one more thing I think that social media is great for advertising and Business sales. This spring I'll be working on the doing clothing and interior design. I'm excited!
  10. I think in all social media is positive if you choose the websites and subscriptions. I currently deleted my Facebook account due to an Ex- boyfriend and a Instagram for privacy reasons. I probably will get new accounts. It's important to change passwords and be aware of bad ideas on the internet.
  11. Okay so I like that song too.. isn't that the one where they are all covered in shaving cream..that was so funny!
  12. Oops why? I like angry rant songs with Onision. Lolz, is this not your favorite 🙂
  13. Also I told you I like this one
  14. I love "know one will remember your name" cuz I was put in my place when I heard you say it. Lol 😂
  15. OMG same here! My ex looked like a rocker pale into goth and always wore black. But he was in a cult.. we didn't work out! my favorite kind of character..Goth or Emo or Dark edgy
  16. That President Obama wouldn't of been elected if he weren't black. And OJ Simpson wouldn't of been "not guilty" if he weren't black. And I should know I'm Biracial (black too)! But that's my unpopular opinion. I think tons of people do things because all the wrong reasons. It's not to say Obama wasn't qualified but there was people who voted just to have a first black president. But now Trump is worse then any president in the world. We would of been better off with Fidel Castro or Vladimir Putin. It's better the devil you know then the one you don't.
  17. So I haven't heard much new music besides that movie. She's pretty much a second Madonna or Brittany Spears clone. There's not much originality mostly hype and fashion. I bet she probably is a nice person though.
  18. I'm kind of having the same issue I'm going to get me I Pad air. I bought a Chromebook and I thought it was a good deal but I don't really think I can use it and it's super brand now I have no clue. I think I'm going to give it away it is a Chromebook it was from Fred Meyer and that was such a waste of money.
  19. I have or have had most are all these perks. Your doing great! I would like to hear all your music.
  20. No I think that it's not supposed to be fair. Although human nature wants it to be. If everything was fair or perfect we would never appreciate the great things we work hard for in life or our loved ones we fight for. It only makes you stronger
  21. I think that some reporters or interviewers push actors into saying something that sells. The press will instigate an actor into saying something for views or publicity. It's done on purpose and quiet often. I still am going to see this movie. I like white man too 🙂 lol there's probably a ton at the movies.. ha ha ha.. 😂
  22. N.I.N ooh wait now a song he sings. Okay...okay so I love no one will remember your name!
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