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  1. I'm here as a fan! Can you stop being a stocking troll and go elsewhere please! 

  2. Ok so he's a comedian or an online character. Basically an actor.. you wake up! This is a profession of entertainment where people are allowed to make jokes. You need professional help if you believe everything on the internet ...omg this is a YouTube career that basically is dark comedy, Meaning it's not real... Do you live in the real world???? Get real !
  3. Me and all my friends love you...cuz no matter what you've always made me happy. If ever I showed my dearest friend a video about you and they didn't like it.. I would cut them off..I prefer to have friends with similar tastes and kindred energy to me. I am very empathic and can sense toxicity or haters a miles and then some away.. I say F***** em too! Why sign up like a real fan when your being fake or full of S●●● then start your own channel..? If your so much better than Onision don't find away to disagree with him to get views on your new channel.. using someone to exsist on YouTube is pathetic.
  4. It means they love you as a fan no real person can love someone they don't truly know. You have to know that person not just a character on YouTube. You can even love a fan for having similar opinions but, you love their opinions not the person.
  5. If I offended anyone or said references to anyone un kowingly that I may of upset.. like trolls, or something else. I apologize (Anna, Sloppy Mommy, myself, and Peacefulfaerie. Lolz I thought you were talking about a stalker that followed you from Twitter.
  6. I don't wanna be a drama queen or a s**** starter my back commenting on you wanting a deactivation before fully knowing the flavor of cool-aid but Anna said she has no intentions of bothering you and it's going to be okay. I know that new social forums can be intense. Just don't care about what anyone thinks.. be you and have some fun 🙂
  7. Omg yassss cuz that #trollerism like using social media to stock a person.. not cool. You have to lay down your boundaries because if you just quit here they can troll, stock or follow you anywhere.
  8. I hate to say this but if you tell me who's bothering you I can politely ask them to stop. Or maybe we all can discuss this issue as a forum about Respec, privacy, and boundaries..:)
  9. Don't go because I totally understand how you feel but you have to try to meet more people here. This is a good forum give it more time. And it's ok to feel awkward or worried about your other friends but that's not everyone here. Lot's of people care and there's a lot of different types of people.
  10. okay so few of us are asking for trouble maybe, maybe not. I don't know very many 40 plus year olds (with ex's)? but like my grandmother. She had a relationship with her ex because she also had a child by one. I guess there are other reasons to maintain at least a friendly relationship other than polygamy or an open arrangement. some people actually can be Friends without benefits, Platonic or just social. Like the key to any relationship weather it's an Ex or a new Love is good Communication. People have to Communicate about thier ideas of what makes them happy in any relationship.
  11. What if you don't mind if your boyfriend had multiple partners including his ex's. I could see if the relationship before ended so badly there could be no forgiveness. But if you aren't upset with your boyfriend having multiple partners or lovers. I would think it depends on the Dynamics on how you want your relationship to go on. For me, I guess because of my previous life experiences I don't mind if my boyfriend has lovers. But I wouldn't have more than 1.
  12. I think I can sing but I really can't...wait I also think I can dance...lolz
  13. Well I'm still sorting all those things out. you have to understand my first real experience in a relationship was with a man in a cult. he was definitely a polygamist he had several wives several girlfriends and I was one of his girlfriends. We were supposed to spiritually marry but his cult was failing. It didn't work out. I guess would be into polygamy. But I prefer a male and a more dominant lover as I would be submissive to his choice of lovers and love style. I definitely consider a personality and intelligence being over all those things. 🙂
  14. You are like the rain and you know me I'm only happy when it rains. *
  15. I used to be a fan of as a young kid of Bill Nye the science Guy. a lot of young kids know who he is and I became an even bigger fan of him as an adult when I heard him say in order for people of the human race on Earth to find intelligence we have to look to look on Mars. Lolz it's not that I think that people can't be smart on Earth, it just shows you how much evolution we still have yet to come. That is if politicians don't destroy the planet first.
  16. I think the government started off as "we the people"! then we have these lame ass presidents that wish they were dictators. they take the power away from the civilians. No one person should have that power!
  17. Screw Micheal J he was a real child perv. And not a nice person. I met his wife Lisa Marie.. total snob they are worth a sinx pince (meaning a cent) not cool people..
  18. Oh one more thing I think that social media is great for advertising and Business sales. This spring I'll be working on the doing clothing and interior design. I'm excited!
  19. I think in all social media is positive if you choose the websites and subscriptions. I currently deleted my Facebook account due to an Ex- boyfriend and a Instagram for privacy reasons. I probably will get new accounts. It's important to change passwords and be aware of bad ideas on the internet.
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