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  1. Nutcase is all I can say. Is she deluded or just a troll... better ignored either way tbh
  2. Cloudy


    I'm gonna join too!
  3. Downvote me all you want, but. All his posts are about this stuff and he refuses to take advice. Even when he specifically asks for it. He just goes "nah that's not for me lol I'll just keep making forum threads instead of even trying to get help". So at this point I think it's just a matter of seeking attention.
  4. I mean he's always had kind of shady and questionable behavior but people write it off as a joke. But the more jokes someone makes about something specific the more I think they're trying to get away with saying what they really think
  5. I think you look very regal like an old painting of a classy lady, very classic beauty!
  6. Shane is so gross People like that don't change, they just learn to shut up and hide who they are
  7. Cloudy

    Seasonal anime

    I love Tokidoki
  8. Yeah bro get some help, there's no shame in it and you really seem to need some support
  9. I started a new job wooooo!

    1. Lilith



  10. Wow it was hard to watch The first part was really graphic & the second went into why it was never resolved
  11. I think they're creepy but also very cool.
  12. Very cute but there's already a pet thread so maybe your photos should go there? XD
  13. If he's innocent then they have nothing to fear
  14. I think he's guilty, the FBI was really scrutinizing him and then he died and it became taboo to talk about him that way. I'm going to watch the new documentary. His estate is trying to have it buried and shut down but I'm curious to see how it pans out.
  15. Wow that's heavy! I had the feeling her mother was kind of "off" but this is a whole new level. "Food for thought" LMAO Greg XD But Munchausen by proxy is scary and I hope that's not what's happening.
  16. Saturday wooop!

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