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  1. Megan

    Dreams and dream related stuff.

    I have a lot of eccentric dreams so it’s hard to pin point one...BUT. I have HEAVY reoccurring dreams like night by night same exact dream not to mention waking up to get away from it, just to go to sleep right where I left off...anyone else? Lol
  2. Megan

    The healing properties of crystals

    OoOoooh, I'm interested too because it's one of my two birthstones being born in June!! ❀️
  3. Megan

    What Was Your First Job?

    My first job was at a non-profit cat shelter. Not only did it teach me a lot emotionally, but it opened a lot of doors for me in the whole animal care field.
  4. Megan

    Do you have any physical abnormalities?

    I have one of those preauricular pits above my ear that some people say means I used to be like a fish or alien or something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
  5. Megan

    The healing properties of crystals

    I don't really know rules and stuff, with peoples crystals or with this site - but are you able to share the most trustworthy places to order crystals from? I've done my fair share of "that looks cool and accurate" and it's just a flimsy piece of jewelry... LOL
  6. Megan

    Dealing with death

    I couldn't imagine your loss personally, I am SO sorry. I can say that my mother lost hers while I was just 1, and her father when I was 8 - I'm only 26 now. She still remembers every birthday and sadly passing day. She even once had a therapist tell her she SHOULDN'T dwell on that stuff, but honestly as someone growing up around loss I didn't fully understand, the best thing you CAN do is remember whatever you can, do a little something in her honor even if it's simply drink the tea she liked, watch a movie she liked, looked through old pictures...sometimes coping IS grief. Don't be afraid to grieve. There is no time limit, you're allowed to do that for as long as you feel it. And as far as someone to lean on? I think you have a few of us here. ❀️
  7. Megan

    Your opinion on social media in general.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Mainstream social media can be such a negative place, it really sent me into an anxiety ridden tizzy myself. That's why I recently backed off, and came here in hopes of not becoming a total social recluse and finding some positive people to connect with!
  8. Megan

    Eating Animals

    I do eat meat, if I had more discipline I would probably change my diet for health reasons at least because I know red meat isn't great. My one weird quirk is I can't handle eating meat off the bone though (wings, drumsticks, etc.), that just rubs me the wrong way. Lol
  9. Megan

    Celebrity crush

    I love me some Jason Statham 😍
  10. Megan

    The worst date you have ever been on?

    Jeez, you'd think it'd be less embarrassing to just tell you rather than be surprised like that! πŸ˜‚
  11. Megan

    The worst date you have ever been on?

    Hmmm...so it wasn't the first date that was the worst. He was SO sweet I was really excited...and then the obsessive text messages started that very night, way too hot and heavy for a first date for me. Then he showed up to my work the next day with roses, candies, and drinks I must have mentioned I liked in passing? It was dark, I told him to go home, he was kind of creeping me out. HE PROCEEDED TO FOLLOW ME HOME. I had a friend pick me back up from the other side of the house (lol) he left everything on the porch and still tried to contact me for days. I couldn't imagine what an actual long term relationship would have turned out to be.
  12. Megan

    How did you quit?

    I quit my verbally/mentally/emotionally abusive relationship as cold turkey as cigarettes...I confronted him in the shower so he could not come after me, left to go to work, had my dad help him pack and move as I obviously distracted myself at work - blocked him on everything and anything - and honestly until now pretty much pretend it never happened.
  13. Megan


    I love a good face/hair mask and a book. ☺️
  14. Megan

    How Did You Find Me?

    I was trying to learn how to find a lot of stuff in GTA on Youtube, and your old videos started coming up in my recommended...needless to say I got hooked and never finished finding that stuff in game...LOL
  15. Megan

    Word Association


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