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  1. OoOoooh, I'm interested too because it's one of my two birthstones being born in June!! ❤️
  2. I have one of those preauricular pits above my ear that some people say means I used to be like a fish or alien or something 😂😅
  3. I don't really know rules and stuff, with peoples crystals or with this site - but are you able to share the most trustworthy places to order crystals from? I've done my fair share of "that looks cool and accurate" and it's just a flimsy piece of jewelry... LOL
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself. Mainstream social media can be such a negative place, it really sent me into an anxiety ridden tizzy myself. That's why I recently backed off, and came here in hopes of not becoming a total social recluse and finding some positive people to connect with!
  5. I do eat meat, if I had more discipline I would probably change my diet for health reasons at least because I know red meat isn't great. My one weird quirk is I can't handle eating meat off the bone though (wings, drumsticks, etc.), that just rubs me the wrong way. Lol
  6. I love me some Jason Statham 😍
  7. Jeez, you'd think it'd be less embarrassing to just tell you rather than be surprised like that! 😂
  8. Hmmm...so it wasn't the first date that was the worst. He was SO sweet I was really excited...and then the obsessive text messages started that very night, way too hot and heavy for a first date for me. Then he showed up to my work the next day with roses, candies, and drinks I must have mentioned I liked in passing? It was dark, I told him to go home, he was kind of creeping me out. HE PROCEEDED TO FOLLOW ME HOME. I had a friend pick me back up from the other side of the house (lol) he left everything on the porch and still tried to contact me for days. I couldn't imagine what an actual long term relationship would have turned out to be.
  9. I was trying to learn how to find a lot of stuff in GTA on Youtube, and your old videos started coming up in my recommended...needless to say I got hooked and never finished finding that stuff in game...LOL
  10. It's been high 50s even 60s and sunny for a few days, expected to get a little cooler and rainier over the next few days/weeks. S'long as the snow keeps away awhile, I'm happy. 😅
  11. Can't get enough of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!
  12. Thank you so much for that, I'll keep watching and learning more here for sure. 😊
  13. I couldn't live without The Sims, but when I need a little violence - GTA. In both cases, I love them all from 1st release to now.
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