Onision Proven Innocent of Accusations

Sarah Proven Guilty With Multiple Confessions

The story of Onision and Sarah should be told with facts. This page is saturated with receipts that prove not only is Onision innocent of any grooming, but also innocent of numerous other baseless claims against him.

1. Sarah states Onision did not groom her.
2. Sarah denies anyone had a plot to be with her.
3. Sarah accuses Ayalla Karina (Onision hater) of trying to sleep with her when she was not an adult.
1. Sarah admits nothing happened with Onision before she was an adult.

2. Sarah calls an Onision-hater insane.
3. Sarah defends her sleeping with whoever she wants as she is an adult.

Sarah again states nothing happened before she was an adult.
1. Sarah admits she is an accused rapist.
2. Sarah complains that the person who accused her of rape doesn't want Sarah in their life anymore.
Sarah admits to sexually extorting Onision.
Sarah admits to sexually extorting Onision again.
Sarah admits only relationship she had with Onision occured just before turning 19.
Sarah again states nothing happened prior to her being an adult.
Sarah admits she was interested in being with Onision.
Sarah admits Onision kept her away from drugs/illegal activity.
Sarah admits Onision was trying to save her from living in an abusive home.
Sarah admits Onision showed little interest in her when she was not an adult, and was rude to her.
Sarah states Onision does not abuse his dogs, implying Onision-haters are lying.
Sarah admits Onision has all his friends sign NDA's and points out why no one should trust her.
Sarah admits to abusing drugs and being a criminal.
Sarah admits she is mainly attacking Onision because he made videos stating he was against dating stoners and people who do not properly medicate their BPD.
Sarah claims she was dumped for throwing a tantrum after Onision pointed out she blackmailed/sexually extorted him.
Sarah points out Onision-haters are liars for saying he is not tall.
Sarah points out she can say whatever she wants as she is broke, so suing her for damages would be pointless.
Sarah admits to wanting to physically assault Onision.
Sarah admits Onision-haters are liars, stating their claims that Onision was ever her parent or guardian are false.
Sarah calls herself a "bitch" for what she is doing to Onision.
Sarah says she still loves Kai and Onision after publicly trying to destroy their lives...
1. Sarah admits Onision respects the law/does not break it.
2. Sarah mocks Onision-haters.
1. Sarah states Onision-haters are gaslighters.
2. Sarah swears on her grandmother's life she was not groomed. 
3. Also implies she would not care if her own mother lived or died (very bottom).
1. Sarah again accusses Ayalla Karina of trying to sleep with her when she was not an adult.

2. Sarah accuses Billie Webb of encouraging Sarah to starve herself/be anorexic.

1. Sarah admits she was hiding feelings & that she lied.
2. Sarah admits Onision would kick her out if she tried to be anything but platonic friends when she was not an adult.

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