Shiloh Proven A Criminal & Liar with Hard Evidence

Onision endured months of abuse at Shiloh's hands, 9 years later and she continues to wage war on him for rejecting her.

Onision broke up with Shiloh countless times, called the cops on her repeatedly for her abusive behavior, was physically and emotionally threatened repeatedly by Shiloh & after she cheated on him, getting pregnant with another man's baby, she continued to wage war on Onision's career/life just like she promised she would just before she was taken away by the police. Read on for proof.

Video proves with hard evidence Onision is the victim of extraordinary levels of slander/libel at the hands of Discovery Inc's television network. Shiloh is proven with receipts to have comitted slander as well in this video, over and over again.
Shiloh admits she chose to shave her own head, proving she lied for ever saying otherwise.
- Shiloh attacking a stranger/YouTube commentator equating them to Onision.

- Shiloh claims Onision is a monster, yet apparently all it takes to be just as bad as Onision is objectively asking her  questions about her side of the story.
- Shiloh adds to the evidence of her long history of using suicidal threats to control/demonize other people/falsely play victim.

Video proof of Shiloh's severe memory issues and terrifying personality disorder.
1. Shiloh admits here sever memory issues are real.
2. Shiloh threatens to sue Onision for using videos she already gave him permission to post when they were made.
3. Shiloh admits Onision has blocked her on every account as she won't stop harassing him after he dumped her.
1. Shiloh confesses she loves Onision even after he dumps her for cheating on him.
2. Shiloh admits Onision is being honest about her.
1. Shiloh admits to threatening to commit armed assault against Onision.
2. Shiloh admits to having incredibly serious memory problems.
3. Shiloh states Onision is a "very good man"
4. Shiloh implies Onision haters are wrong for being mean to him.
1. Shiloh posted photo of baby that was not hers, claiming it was Onision's baby, when in reality she miscarried a fetus the size of a peanut. (CLICK THE PICTURE FOR LINK TO VIDEO SOMEONE MADE ON THIS ISSUE)
1. Email proving Onision's first communication with Shiloh was December of 2010.
2. Shiloh establishes that Onision helped her deal with her emotional problems.
3. Shiloh admits she was the first to say "I love you"/pursue a relationship.
1. Onision told cops Shiloh said she was going to kill herself and frame Onision for it - they asked to speak with her.
2. Onision points out the witnesses he had on the phone, confirming she threatened to frame him for her own death.
3. Shiloh corners Onision and prevents him from escaping by physically blocking his path.
1. Shiloh claims she only emotionally cheated on Onision despite being actively pregnant with another man's baby when she was dumped by Onision.
2. Shiloh claims being with Onision is better than being with her current boyfriend, who she cheated on him with.
3. Shiloh admits Onision dumped her.
4. Shiloh apologizes for hurting Onision>
5. Shiloh admits to lying yet again.
6. Shiloh says she'll never be able to forgive herself for what she did to Onision.

1. Shiloh again talks about how much she loves Onision after he dumped her for cheating on him.
2. Shiloh threatens to physically assault Onision's new significant other if they hurt him like she herself admitted to hurting him.
3. Shiloh again, confesses her love for Onision despite actively being with the guy she cheated on him with.
4. Shiloh says she "deserves the worst" for what she did to Onision.
1. Shiloh states Onision helped save her from an abusive relationship.
2. Shiloh blames her problems on the person she dated before Onision.
1. Shiloh saying her grandma will kick her out now that Onision broke up with her.
2. Shiloh saying that she will be murdered after her grandma kicks her out and it will be Onision's fault somehow.
3. Refuses to let Onision free from the area she cornered him in.
1. Shiloh again admitting to hurting Onision and publicly stating she wished she could take what she did to him back.
1. Shiloh admits Onision gave her the best moments of her life.
2. Shiloh admits she went crazy on Onision because he said he did not love her.
1. Shiloh again states she's messed up because of the person she dated before Onision.
2. Shiloh admits she hates the person she really is.
3. Shiloh again says Onision is her one true love and she loves him more than anyone she has ever loved.
1. Shiloh states she would not be alive without Onision.
2. Shiloh states again that Onision is "A good man"

3. Shiloh again takes responsibility for hurting Onision.
4. Shiloh says she "cherished every moment" she had with Onision.

1. Shiloh states Onision is her hero.
2. Shiloh again apologizes for what she did to Onision.
1. Shiloh threatens Onision's career.
2. Shiloh says she wants to destroy Onision for dumping her.
3. She says Onision will be "left with nothing" after she is done ruining his life.
4. Shiloh admits she did threaten to end her life after Onision points out she said she was going to frame him for her death.
1. Shiloh's former "long-standing" friend claims Shiloh is a liar.
2. She claims Shiloh never stopped loving Onision.
3. She again claims Shiloh should not be trusted.
4. She claims Onision gave Shiloh an easy life.
5. She claims Shiloh hurt Onision and hurt her as well.
6. She claims Shiloh is a toxic person.
7. She claims Shiloh is manipulative.
1. After making comedy videos with Onision for months, Shiloh threatens to sue Onision for having those videos still public after he dumped her for cheating on him.
Proof Shiloh apologizing, admitting to her lies, saying Onision is a good person and her numerous other claims defending & supporting Onision right after he dumped her for the last time are real.
1. Shiloh confesses to being the one who hurt Onision.
2. Shiloh admits to screwing up everything.
3. Shiloh saying she'll always love Onision.
4. Shiloh begging Onision to forgive her after he dumped her for the last time.
1. Shiloh states a gang she used to be in is trying to physically hurt Onision as he had called the cops on her & ran from her once she was in police custody.
2. Shiloh lies about being pregnant, she wasn't actually pregnant till months later.
3. Shiloh again claims to love Onision despite making up a gang story and a pregnancy story.
4. Shiloh admits to threatening to destroy Onision's life after he broke up with her.
5. Shiloh claims to not want to negatively effect Onision's career despite actively trying to destroy Onision's career now, in 2021.
6. Shiloh admits she staged her rant shortly after Onision called the cops on her as she had people listening in on Skype. She leaves out that Onision had his Aunt & Mom on speakerphone to witness her meltdown due to him break up with her right before he called the cops.
1. Shiloh admits she did not want Onision taking her to a doctor.
2. Shiloh admits Onision was respecting her wishes.
3. Shiloh attacks Onision haters.
1. Shiloh again admits she has severe memory issues.
2. Shiloh admits if Onision wasn't in her life she would be "much worse" off.
1. Video of taken out of context for the sake of implying Onision was ever abusive.
2. For people who understand click-bait titles, sarcasm & dark humor, this video is exacly what Onision & Shiloh intended at the time, they got double the normal views for it, but now it's treated as if it's real, and it never was.
1. Shiloh admits she is a "ticking time-bomb" and that when she goes off she hurts everyone around her.
2. Shiloh questions her own sanity.
1. Shiloh writes Onision months after he stopped talking to her (and still hasn't to this day)
2. Shiloh admits she is proud of Onision.
1. Shiloh admits she owes Onision thousands of dollars.
2. Shiloh lies about being willing to pay him back, she never did.
1. Shiloh tries to get Onision's assumed new number not realizing he never changed it and she's just blocked on his old one.
2. Shiloh tries to start a personal conversation with Onision, he refuses and stays on point.
3. Shiloh states she always trusted Onision's opinion.
4. Onision confirms number Shiloh gave him is fake with Western Union and blocks her.
1. Shiloh begs Onision to talk to her after she cheated on him.
2. Shiloh indicates she wants to convince Onision that he is "good enough".
3. Shiloh claims she wants to finally be honest with Onision after having already lied to him so many times.
Shiloh threatens to literally murder someone, her threatening to end the life of a woman who went near a man she cared about, is illegal & psychotic.
1. Damon Elliott, Shiloh's former music producer, says he is "glad" Onision finally sees "the truth" about Shiloh cheating on him.
2. Shiloh's former music producer apologizes to Onision for things he said in the past, wishes Onision well & wishes him happiness now that he is away from Shiloh.
Shiloh blaming everyone for her problems/contradicting herself yet again

Who is to blame? Onision, RealStreamNews, her ex before Onision, her ex after Onision & Edwin's Generation

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