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  1. Okay I am starting a thing where i tell people my true feelings. So to start this i want to tell Greg since i was 16 years old i have had a crush/loved you. When Kai (sorry miss spell) came into his life i was shocked to see i had a crush on multiple people but just his honest heart came out and when i thought that they where getting a divorced i felt my own heart brake. So glad you worked out and stuck together. Im older then Kai but i could tell he had many years under his belt. Anyway im 25 years old and from being 16 this has been my longest feelings. I know plenty of people say things then go back on what they say or just looking for attention. I just need to let my feelings show so they dont eat away. Will Greg see this probably, do i think it will change lives no, but what i can say is this after writing this i feel better and hope Greg knows what ever crap he is facing to know that I care like many of you do. Do i know people tell him this evry day sure. Will they hurt him in the end? People have many faces and can show you it but in the end be just trying to hurt. I am a open book and will be frank i cant be fake it hurts me. I speak my mind when i get courage. So this being said i love you Greg and Kai. An i turly hope when the crap you guys are facing now will blow over and in the end we all meet. My life is small and i hate drama and can see into both your hearts the pain from all you face but the love you have is stong. Im sorry i better stop now you all are bord of reading the feelings of this girl. So thank you for reading and thank you Greg for letting us all in your life and family.
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