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Found 3 results

  1. for me, i still miss my original ex, especially since she was my best friend and that didn't last after we broke up.
  2. Hey! Im 21yr old and i've been for about 8 months in a mentally and sexually abusive relationship. He is 27 and we meet through a mutual friend. We broke up several times (around 5) and got back together. But after him doing horrendous stuff to me i decide to leave him for good. Unforchenetly i had serious issues with my family and in a moment of weakness got back to him. But of course he treated me even worse and started spreading rumors that ive slept with a bunch of people and that i have an STD. He even almost hit me in front of people but a friend stopped him. We no longer are together but im very emotionally hurt from all of this, My question and the reason i shear this here is because i don't really know how i'll ever be with someone again after all of this. Can you guys give me advice on how to handle things after something this traumatic happens.
  3. In all honesty the happiest I've ever been is now, all because of my current relationship. We're always there for each other and he's made me extremely happy the whole time I've been with him. Even when I was going through a bunch of stuff involving my family, he stuck with me and wasn't an asshole. 9 months and going stronger than ever 😄

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