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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Okay so I want to start a game of truth or truth because why not? answer the question given to you and that's all anyone is welcome. I will start. So, my question to the first person is What makes you feel the most loved when it comes to a friend stand point, or what makes you feel the most supported/cared for?
  2. What is the most ugly most horrifying looking video game character or enemy you have ever seen that made you want to vomit or gave you nightmares as a kid? post a picture of it to scare people. I find chargers from off Left For Dead 2 to be the ugliest most scary looking enemies in my video game collection. Their shape and faces are as ugly as Hell and they are even scarier when they run after you because they are like 10 feet tall and they run at you FAST!
  3. To all those simmers who like SimCity or The Sims. What's your favorite sims game or games? I like The Sims 1 for the P.C, The Sims 2 for the P.C and the Xbox, The Sims Medieval for the P.C, MySims for the Nintendo Wii and MySims Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii.
  4. Hey Onision I heard you like gaming and even like playing games like The Sims 4. Have you ever tried The Sims Medieval? it's a prequel of all The Sims games. It's allot like The Sims 4 and 3 except it takes place in medieval times and your sims can sword fight and kill each other as well as go on quests and much more. It's really fun!
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