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Found 3 results

  1. My mom says I have an eating disorder; but I dont completely believe her, by the BMI chart I am obese (my number is 40) I am losing weight but not super quickly. I have noticed that I am not eating as much anymore, but it is not severe.
  2. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxB8sawIGUzyGvvA8DAu8yA Please react to me. I pretended to die so I could get my bf to love me more and I made fake bruises to make it look like my ex abused me. It was funny haha. Follow me on insta! @queen_murphy_1995
  3. Hi I’m a full time college student and my mom is having me stay with her instead of me leaving. She never buys groceries because she “doesn’t want to” and I can barely afford to get things for myself and when I do she eats it all. I pay for literally all of my necessities (clothes,shoes, shampoo, bathroom stuff, My dogs food and my two hamsters) and my car payment so the most she does for me is provide food which is a rarity that she even does that. I just need help in general on what to do to fix the situation I’m in 😕
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