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Found 27 results

  1. OMG k so deleting and starting over was invented by me..lullz ha ha ha. I wonder if you ever took acting classes πŸ˜‚. ....mm or naturally talented? We argue every three months. You keep me busting up laughing. I wish I could start my own channel.. ha ha πŸ˜‚. Any advice for me ?
  2. (didn't mean to drop this personal big ol message here but had no choice so shorten it too) : Moving to Bora Bora Bora ☺️. Won't be in the USA ever again. Please delete my account. Thank you! Lol πŸ˜‚ original message πŸ˜‚ I have been a fan and in so many ways more supportive then most would of been. I was at one point accused of being a catfish. Finally you seen I am a real person and not a fake. It still hasn't stop you from making me feel small, putting me down. Disregarding my attempts to even make friends. I don't... DON'T have to buy my friends and support people who act so insensitive to anyone. I get for some strange reason I have all (comments) highlighted or positive responses. But I don't know if I'll watch much anymore. I asked you on this site "why my Patreon was straight up #cancelled" and you said "Dm me", and that it shows it's not! Yet again it is. I've always been positive no drama, friendly and even cheered you on when asked by most to not even say anything nice. Most of the Trolls hated me because I had been a fan. I don't hate you or even dislike you. I think boundaries should be respected. You and I must of had or signals crossed and me I am actually SHOCKED! But people actually do want to be my friend. Wow imagine that. I won't beg or bother you anymore. I also wanted to add that you told me at one point you appreciated and wanted me on Patreon and we've even had a few agreeable things in common. I was flirting but of course stopped because I've found a beautiful person to dote over. But you never seemed to really mind me flirting. I think recently you've been so busy to where you didn't realize it was me you deleted on patreon or you stopped appreciating your hard core fans. So it's with this regret that I have to admit I don't want to be taking for granted. Please delete my account on this site too. Let's respect each other's boundaries. I let you set them boundaries, although I know you probably didn't mean it still meant something to me. Sincerely, Thanks for helping me laugh thru last years b.s and getting over my past ! Lots of sunshine.. never will forget you for all the good times.. Your Ex: Fan girl
  3. What are the reasons you watch Onision? I'm a fan of Onision and watch Onision because he's freakishly handsome, he's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman who has allot of respect for females, he's kind to children and kind to animals, he's nerdy, he's very funny, he's original, he's talented, he's creative, he's a good speaker, he doesn't take crap from anyone, he's a vegetarian, he makes great techno music, he's very nice, friendly and real (he even talks to none famous people like US) he shares his inside jokes such as his characters that he plays as and much more. Those are the reasons why I'm a fan. What are your reasons?
  4. 5 downloads



  5. Hello. I have been diagnosed with major depression for a long 4 years now. No medicine or doctor seems to help. Any advice? (here's my face btw since i'm new here) Feel free to rate my appearance as well bc why not.
  6. Is there a video you wish I would make? Please post a new topic with what you want the video to be called/about. TYSM!
  7. Hey Onision, I have an idea for a comedy video if you want to hear it. A video where Rod Danger interviews Chibi, insults Chibi like crazy, makes fun of Chibi and then eventually Chibi starts crying like a baby and crapping himself or something crazy like that. Cool idea? yes or no? tell me what you think.
  8. Would you Onision or Emo Charlie be interested in making a parody video about outrage culture? like a 10 Things I Hate About Outrage Culture video or something like that?
  9. First of all, let's not beat around the metaphorical bush ...wherever it is...? IDK where it's at..? ANYWAYS! I am a Muslim girl, yup, that I am? I know... I didn't realise it till someone asked me: "Your Muslim why are you obsessing over Onison?" And I said and I quote: "More Muslims should watch Onisons videos cos they're actually very inspiring, educational and motivating"emails Back in the days of my long lost and miserably missed youth, I stumbled upon Onisons video. Which one? Well... I can't really rememberπŸ˜… But I'm sure it was something to do with either BPD or Death Note. Either way after that I think I watched almost all his videos on the span of 2 days (this was back when I was 17 and about to be hospitalised for my unspecified psychosis) Well my family weren't to happy bout it. They thought my attitude changed cos I watch OnisionSpeaks but that's not logical, is it? I mean, everything OnisionSpeaks said was and is logical... May be not everything but at least about some topics.πŸ€” Anyways Onison if ur reading this I hope it well and old don't ever stop making YouTube vids cos they really make my day! also ur fast paced speaking and epic outlook on things is amazing! And I'm sad that some ppl are hating on you!πŸ˜€πŸ˜… anyways I don't know if ur gonna read this... I don't know if there are any other Muslim girls who watch Onison I don't even know if any one has ever had unspecified psychosis (my doctor once said she had to treat it as BPD cos she had no clue what it wasπŸ˜‘) Like why do you EVEN HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE OF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT DIAGNOSING ME WITH! Legit only a few ppl IRL know I have psychosis and sometimes I do tend to hallucinate. I don't tel my family tho cos they always seem to think it has something to do with demonic activity. (Yes I knowπŸ˜… MADTING!) Anyways enough about me aha what was the topic even about! Yooooo😱 If Onison reacts to this imma be SHOOKETH!πŸ˜‚ I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY GUYS! AND TO ONISON TOO! And it may come as a suprise to Many ppl. Yes, it surprised me too...πŸ˜… Are you ready for it...? Are you sure you can handle it? Well... I don't know if you can handle it but let's go for it shall we. *JUMPS OUT FROM BEHIND METAPHORICAL BUSH AND SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS!* ONISION IS THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER COS I THINK HE'S AWESOME!πŸ€— PEACE AND LOVE AND SMILE EVERYONE COS YOUR BEAUTIFUL!πŸ˜„
  10. What funny Onision song/songs made you laugh the hardest? most of them made me laugh my head off but the banana song and the hula hoop song made me laugh the hardest!
  11. 2 downloads

    Such a fun song πŸ™‚


  12. So you and Andy Biersack still friends?
  13. Join http://Patreon.com/Onision to be a part of a Skype with Onision at 6pm PST
  14. Join http://Patreon.com/Onision to be a part of a Discord with Onision at 6pm PST
  15. Do you know how to find the full versions of those Hash Brown songs from that music video full of previews of Onision songs? some of them sounded pretty good. Are they in iTunes or something? do you have to buy them? because I can't find them anywhere.
  16. What is your favorite video game? Mine is this:
  17. Hey Onision I heard you like gaming and even like playing games like The Sims 4. Have you ever tried The Sims Medieval? it's a prequel of all The Sims games. It's allot like The Sims 4 and 3 except it takes place in medieval times and your sims can sword fight and kill each other as well as go on quests and much more. It's really fun!
  18. Hey Onision, I got a question for you. Were you always a liberal?
  19. 13 downloads

    This Is Why I Hate You is the second book of Onision.


  20. Hi Onision, would you make a parody video about a fat ugly bearded hipster looking fan of Strange Aeons freaking out about you making fun of her ugly eyebrows? and make him act really cringey, mental and stupid like an SJW or Rod Danger? also point out that he's an ugly virgin too. That would be sooo funny! I would understand if you said no since it would be controversial though. But I'd love to hear your feedback about this.
  21. 23 downloads

    Attached are free ring tones for your phones πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


  22. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxB8sawIGUzyGvvA8DAu8yA Please react to me. I pretended to die so I could get my bf to love me more and I made fake bruises to make it look like my ex abused me. It was funny haha. Follow me on insta! @queen_murphy_1995
  23. I had a dream that has me feeling very strongly. I have been trying to ignore this weird 'intuition' feeling for a very long time, because it makes me feel like a weirdo, but I can't find out whether or not I'm right by sitting around thinking about it. Gonna put a TL;DR at the end, but I'm about to nervous ramble so have fun lmao In 2012, I discovered that I was poly, and since then have been trying to find what works for me. Many failed relationships resulted, like they do, and then I got with someone who for 2 years made me feel guilty for wanting intimacy with partners I was already dating before we got together, and that relationship recently ended in January of this year. Which led me, eventually, to coming to this forum. After the breakup, I realized how I had essentially let myself be play-dough for people in my life. They formed what opinions, feelings, ect. I felt allowed to have, and I only acted within the paradigms set forth for me. I was a lemming, to put it bluntly. I didn't want to keep being a lemming, so I came here. But there was another reason, which I had been deep in denial about. One that has apparently begun to occupy enough of my thoughts to literally dream about it. I feel like I'm the missing Unicorn. I have thought about it for quite a bit before posting here, but being as broke as I am at the moment, I couldn't afford $100 to say this in a private email, so I'm being brave (or stupid... perhaps both) and posting it here. What I mean by that, is I feel this strong pull in the direction of being in a triad dynamic with Greg and Kai. Even though I think I sound like a crazy-person, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm 25 (on march 30th), nonbinary-masculine, am artistically and musically inclined, enjoy making videos (and would be happy to learn how to edit ngl), love kids, am a heavy switch (bdsm tmi), don't have jealousy issues, am extremely open-minded, enjoy discourse, and love understanding other perspectives. Not to mention being physically attracted to them both, which I almost forgot to include because I was so focused on the personality aspects. I truly feel like, if there were ever a chance to meet in person, we would be compatible as a trio and it would be awesome. I feel strongly enough to dream about it, so I can't deny it anymore. If I'm gonna get rejected, that's how it is I suppose, but at least I was honest and forward enough to try. Thank you for reading, and I hope you don't melt in the Washington sun today, as it has been unapologetically hot all week and I am suffering. TL;DR: I'm polyamorous, and I have a strong feeling that I am the other soulmate. I dreamt about it and it prompted me to come here and put myself on blast for even the MINUTE chance that I could be right. I was going to go through patreon and say this awk S●●● there but I don't have $100 so HERE WE ARE. I am happy to take no for an answer, so no worries though. β™‘ Be safe, and have a great day! -F (Me dressed up for an interview yesterday)
  24. Onision

    Skype With Patrons

    We're having a patron only Skype on this day πŸ™‚ Hope you join in! http://patreon.com/onision
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