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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. What are the reasons you watch Onision? I'm a fan of Onision and watch Onision because he's freakishly handsome, he's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman who has allot of respect for females, he's kind to children and kind to animals, he's nerdy, he's very funny, he's original, he's talented, he's creative, he's a good speaker, he doesn't take crap from anyone, he's a vegetarian, he makes great techno music, he's very nice, friendly and real (he even talks to none famous people like US) he shares his inside jokes such as his characters that he plays as and much more. Those are the reasons why I'm a fan. What are your reasons?
  2. Andy Biersack, Onision, Laineybot, Faith Goldy from Rebel Media, PewdiePie, Paul Joseph Watson from Info Wars and Anna Kasparian from TYT are a few of the best looking people I have ever seen on YouTube. (VERY flawless beautiful looking faces) who is the best looking person or persons you have ever seen on YouTube? it has to be famous YouTubers.
  3. Hey everyone first post here! I was wondering how you can overcome stage fright with making YouTube videos? I used to make a lot of videos but that was a few years ago and I’d love to start out again but I get too scared to upload/stuck on ideas. I love to do rants/comedy/vlogging/artsy stuff and I feel unmotivated because so many people are doing it now and I feel like who’s gonna care if you get what I mean? Any advice would be great! Thanks 🙂
  4. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxB8sawIGUzyGvvA8DAu8yA Please react to me. I pretended to die so I could get my bf to love me more and I made fake bruises to make it look like my ex abused me. It was funny haha. Follow me on insta! @queen_murphy_1995
  5. Why are my comments hidden on your YouTube videos? I have been nothing but supportive.
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